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Top 10 Best Special Education Courses in the UK

The study of alternate educational approaches and school procedures developed for students with special needs is known as special education. Special education is designed to teach talented children with high intellectual capacity, as well as young people with physical or mental disabilities such as cognitive disorders, hearing impairment, amputations, stuttering, cerebral palsy, and so on.

Special and General education evolved from various premises (Zig mood and Kloo, 2017). But Special Education seeks to solve problems such as, “How can we provide adequate education to the children having special needs?” What are the greatest alternate techniques for teaching students fundamental skills and knowledge? How can the study and curriculum programs be tailored to their individual needs?

In the United Kingdom, special educational needs-SEN, often called the special educational needs & disabilities-SEND, refer to the education of students who require alternative educational provision to the mainstream system.

Special educational provision denotes that the child needs assistance that would not normally be offered to a child who is the same age in a regular school.

Here are some examples of SEN:

  • A disorder that impairs one’s behavior or social abilities, such as autism or ADHD.
  • A condition that impairs one’s reading and writing abilities like dyslexia or another type of learning disability.
  • A condition that impairs learning abilities, like a learning impairment
  • A physical disability, such as a vision or chronic health condition, hearing impairment, or limited movement.

University of Gloucestershire

1.    Education, Inclusion, and Special educational needs (with foundation) BA (Hons) at the University of Gloucestershire

2.    Education, Inclusion, and Special educational needs (with placement) BA (Hons) at the University of Gloucestershire

3.    Education, Inclusion and Special educational needs BA (Hons) at University of Gloucestershire

In the above three degrees at the University of Gloucestershire, an Integrated Foundation Phase starts your graduate degree with a year of gaining the skills necessary to proceed to a full honors degree.

Along with an overview of Education, Inclusion, and Special Educational Requirements, you will gain vital study skills, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving approaches that will help you build conviction and prepare you for the remainder of your course. You will study contemporary issues in the discipline, as well as methods to assist all learners.

In addition to developing an understanding of educational theories in general, you will examine particular characteristics such as attachment, ASD, ADHD, mental health, and dyslexia. There is also the option to pursue specializations by selecting modules from courses other than education, such as Early Childhood Studies, Psychology, English, Sociology, Social Work, and others. 

University of Leeds

4.    Special educational needs MA at University of Leeds

At University of Leeds program, it is designed for people who wish to learn more about Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) in order to inform and create a successful practice. It will provide you with an awareness of inclusive methods as well as the ability to analyze the ideas and research data that support them which will help you in selecting special education research proposal topics for your final thesis.

Here they look at SEND from several angles and use a range of theoretical models to investigate fundamental challenges. They appreciate and share their diverse knowledge and experiences, and therefore invite you to participate in and focus on the many debates and conversations.

University of East London

5.    BA (Hons) Special education online at University of East London

6.    MA special and additional Learning needs (ICEPE) at the University of East London

7.    MA special educational needs at University of East London

8.    Special education (online) BA (Hons) at University of East London

9.    Special education (with foundation year) BA (Hons) at University of East London

10. Special education BA (Hons) at University of East London

You’ll learn about autism, speech, language, and communication, dyslexia, difficult behavior, disabilities, therapeutic teaching & learning, and alternative educational accommodations in accordance with government policy. You’ll get a reflective approach to special education as well as critical thinking skills which you could apply in the workplace.

This program focuses on participants’ existing skills and competencies and is support by the most recent research in special education. The goal is to improve the education quality for young people and children with special and extra intellectual development in settings all around the world.

You’ll have accessibility to their online student discussion and community and boards, where you may collaborate with other online students as well to discuss and resolve academic concerns.

They will allow you to contribute your own enthusiasm and expertise to the training. They emphasize the importance of discussing and sharing personal experiences with the online community in order to strengthen your teaching.

They will assess all units using various sorts of coursework. Coursework assignments, self-reflective tasks, and individual tutorials are examples of assessment procedures followed here.

You will be need to write policy reviews and reports, and deliver presentations in addition to standard papers. This is done to guarantee that you learn abilities that are applicable to and transfer to the required job. You will also have to write a research dissertation in your final year. The introduction is essential for every research since it assures the following: It first provides the reader with background material that contextualizes your dissertation (dissertationwritinghelp, 2021). It highlights the emphasis of your dissertation. It illustrates the worth of your dissertation. And it establishes the purpose and goals of your dissertation. The use of phd dissertation editing services is highly recommend to students before doing their final submission work. As this will eliminate the high chances of grammatical and punctuation errors found in their final dissertation work.


These are thus the top best special education courses in the UK. Where you will have a Special Education curriculum that includes topics such as the Disability (SEND) System, Special Education Needs, and Learning Difficulties, Social, Behavioral, and Emotional Inclusive Practice, development, Ethical Practice, Special Education Law, Child Abuse and Neglect, Meeting Different Needs, and so on.


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Zigmond, N.P. and Kloo, A., 2017. General and special education are (and should be) different. In Handbook of special education (pp. 249-261). Routledge.

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