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Effective TikTok Marketing Techniques Used by Agencies

You have a sizable fan following on your TikTok profile and a well-established TikTok account. On the other side, you become frustrated trying to discover a technique to expand your Instagram audience. For promotions, marketers seek out influencers that have a sizable following on both Instagram and TikTok. Create your first video on TikTok and post it on Instagram at the same time.

Integrate your Instagram and TikTok accounts.

If you’ve linked your Instagram account to TikTok, those who wish to follow you on Instagram may locate your profile link. Start by selecting “Edit Profile” from the menu above your bio, then enter the Instagram URL in the Instagram column. Next, provide high-caliber material on other social networking sites to encourage your followers to follow you. Finally, link your TikTok and Instagram profiles to help new audiences find you on both.

On TikTok Videos, Promote Your Instagram Account

Suspenseful films and cliffhangers always encourage your viewers to take extraordinary action. Make an engaging TikTok video to start, then cut it off and link viewers to your Instagram account for the conclusion. Consider recording your artwork, uploading it to TikTok, and directing viewers to your Instagram account to see the completed product. Simply said, split your material into two halves and win over your audience by requesting that they watch the videos that have been posted to various sites. Make sure to build compelling suspense that compels your readers to want to know the outcome or conclusion.

Do you already have a TikTok profile and want to explore other sites to dominate? Creating an Instagram account with the same username as your TikTok username is the simplest way to get started. Then, make a video for your TikTok audience outlining your Instagram account goals. These objectives might range from uploading more of your routine daily activities to posting bloopers and behind-the-scenes photos. Keep them amused because your great fans will follow you on Instagram.

Inform your followers where to find you on Instagram by using your TikTok profile. Additionally, you may identify any other platforms you wish your audience to use. Make a biography for your audience with material that is pertinent to them and include all the links you believe they will find useful. For instance, post a suspenseful video on TikTok and instruct your followers to click on the Instagram link in your bio to learn more. Many brands prominently include their website URLs in their bios to quickly bring potential consumers to the buying page.


When you have a sizable following on TikTok, you may occasionally need to figure out how to get at least some of them to follow you on Instagram. You may discover techniques in the aforementioned post to attract your TikTok admirers to your Instagram account. Some of the strategies listed here might help you convert your Instagram followers into TikTok fans. Make careful to build your Instagram audience if you have a large number of followers.

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