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What Tools UI UX Designers Use For Creative Mobile App Designs 

Mobile applications impact our daily lives. We use them to communicate, learn, shop, and do many other things. To help people understand the advantages of using mobile apps, designers have developed compelling user interfaces (UI) that make websites or programs more accessible and intuitive for users. It is true that careers in UI UX will boom in a few years, as people using apps or websites are increasing day by day, so it would be a brilliant step to undergo some UI UX course from a reputed institute to be in top among job applicants. To create great mobile app designs, you need the right tools. Here are ten popular ones:


The sketch is a vector-based design tool for Mac. Top designers, developers, and agencies worldwide use it to create fantastic UI designs. Sketch allows you to quickly draw shapes, lines, and text with various tools that make your work more accessible.

It’s ideal for creating mockups or wireframes of web pages or apps on your computer screen before moving on to Photoshop, where you can add color & gradients under them (or other elements).


Zeplin is a tool for developers to create and maintain a style guide for their web and mobile projects.

The tool allows you to collaborate with your designer from ideation through project closeout, all in one place. You can even use it as an online design studio that combines the best of both worlds—the flexibility of Basecamp with the ease of using Photoshop or Sketch (or any other prototyping app).

Zeplin makes it easy for designers to generate beautiful mockups based on the latest coding standards while providing visibility into which files need updating, so they don’t break when you’re ready to deploy them.

It is a tool for designers and developers to collaborate. It takes care of all the boring stuff—like making sure specs are up to date, ensuring assets are in the right place, and creating pixel-perfect mockups and style guides—so you can focus on what matters most: your design.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a UX/UI design tool that helps you design, prototype, and share your ideas with others. It’s a cross-platform tool that works on Mac and Windows, with a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Adobe XD features:

  • A drag-and-drop interface for building prototypes quickly;
  • An intuitive interface for designing custom interactions;
  • An easy way to share designs with other people in mere minutes (including collaboration on real-time feedback);
  • Integrated collaboration tools like versioning systems and version history management capabilities allow you to keep track of changes made during development stages without relying on external devices such as Trello or Asana (or even Excel).


Marvel is an app that allows you to create wireframes and prototypes for your mobile apps. It’s free to use, but it has a premium plan that offers additional features such as getting feedback on your designs from other users (and their team) or being able to collaborate with people who aren’t using Marvel.


Flinto is a powerful tool for creating interactive app prototypes. It’s not just a wireframe tool. However—it can also be used to add interactions and transitions between screens, which makes it a good choice for any mobile app design.

XD has a built-in prototyping tool that allows you to create interactive mockups of your application, which makes it perfect for designers who want to get their ideas out quickly and easily. Although these features are helpful, the user experience still has some limitations.


Proto.io is a mobile app prototyping tool that allows you to create high-fidelity iOS or Android app prototypes. It helps create interactive prototypes, which are helpful if you want to test different flows or flows in different environments.

Proto.io has a feature called “Quick mockups,” which allows users to quickly create mockups using their designs and images from the web using templates, allowing them to get started on their mobile app development project faster than ever!

Great tool for designing mobile apps. It’s been around since 2013 and has been used by over 100,000 people. This tool is an excellent option for building high-fidelity prototypes that mimic the final product. You can also use Flinto to add gestures, animations, and interactions between screens.

Just In Mind

Just In Mind is a UX design tool that helps you design, prototype, and test your app or website. It is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful tool that enables you to create interactive prototypes of your app or website. With Just In Mind’s drag and drop interface, it’s easy to build self-contained prototypes with no coding required!

Just In Mind also has valuable features like super fast prototyping (under 5 seconds), real-time sharing capabilities between teams on different devices such as tablets/smartphones, etc.

Collaboration tools for multiple users working together on the same project simultaneously without having any conflicts between each other while testing out ideas; Live Preview feature, which allows users to see how their designs will look like when viewed by others before getting into the production stage thus saving valuable time during the development process so they can focus more on improving upon their existing features rather than adding new ones just because they need something additional which might decrease overall performance level because every other feature needs more resources like RAM capacity & CPU speed etc…

Origami Studio

Origami Studio is a simple, powerful tool that lets you create interactive prototypes and design mockups in a few clicks. It’s easy to learn yet powerful enough to build complex prototypes.

Origami Studio is the best choice for visual designers who want to create high-quality interfaces using their designs without coding knowledge.

Origami Studio was built by a team of experts from Google Creative Lab and Adobe Experience Design (formerly Four5Eight). The app allows users to work on their designs directly within Sketch or Photoshop CC files without having any knowledge about HTML/CSS or JavaScript—simply drag-and-drop elements onto pages!

InVision Studio

InVision Studio is a design collaboration tool that lets you create and share designs. Prototypes and specs that look like real apps and websites. It’s similar to Photoshop for the web, but it has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for everyone on your team to work together.

InVision Studio is also great for creating interactive wireframes or mockups of your app without having to design every button or component by hand.

With its robust features, Origami Studio lets you build complex prototypes quickly and easily. It comes with features like – Sketch/Photoshop CC support to quickly design interfaces without writing code.

A design collaboration tool for creating and sharing interactive prototypes is a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for designer newbies to get started with creating interactive mockupInVision Studio. Using InVision Studio’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, everyone on your team can work together to create designs, prototypes, specs, and everything else that goes into making great apps.s

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effect and motion graphics application developed by Adobe Systems. It can be used for special effects, motion graphics, and compositing. It is used by professional motion graphic designers and visual effects artists.

After Effects has been around since 1995; it’s one of the most widely used software in this field of art. It allows you to create high-quality animations that easily mimic accurate life movements such as walking or running because it supports over 600 different animation styles.

The program also provides several tools that allow you to add text boxes onto your video along with their background colors so they will fit perfectly together without any issues at all!

Adobe After Effects is used by professional motion graphic designers and visual effects artists. It can be used for special effects, motion graphics, and compositing. After Effects has been around since 1995; it’s one of the most widely used software in this field of art. It allows you to create high-quality animations that easily mimic accurate life movements such as walking or running because it supports over 600 different animation styles. The program also provides several tools that allow you to add text boxes.

These are the top mobile app designing tools widely used by leading mobile application designing companies and the most popular mobile application UI UX designers across the globe.

These tools are made for professional UI/UX designers, but they can also be used by non-designers. They provide a comprehensive set of features for creating beautiful user interfaces for your apps.

It would help if you made sure that the app would be easy to use, and this is something that can only be done by the Top Mobile App Design Services company.

A good company can provide you with all the ideas and concepts for your mobile application interface design, application UI UX design, or even help you develop a new idea altogether.

You might also want to know more about how they work as an agency to understand what results they’ll deliver for their clients.

Considering making mobile apps for business purposes, it’s probably worth checking out the best mobile app design services. These companies will help you create an app that works well on Android and iOS platforms. They can also ensure that it’s easy to use by providing an intuitive and attractive user interface.


We hope you will find this list of the best mobile app designing tools very helpful. The list is not only limited to the above ten but has many more tools which can serve your purpose.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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