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Tips for teaching your child to swim

If your child loves the water, before he learns to swimming much better . Besides avoiding unnecessary risks, you will enjoy the pool, beach etc. more.

When you start teaching your little one to swim, it’s one of those activities that will further strengthen the parent-child relationship . It’s more than a game.

Step by step to teach swimming

Not all cases are the same
There are children who seem to be the sons of Poseidon and can easily get into the water and swim better than you. There are others who start crying as soon as they see themselves in their swimsuits at the end of the pool. Crying may be due to sadness caused by anticipation of an unknown situation, or simply because the water is too cold . We must not despair prematurely.

You should enjoy

When you are a child, you are only interested in fun activities . If you make it compulsory for your little one to learn to swim, they will only resist if they resist you.

Start with games

From sitting on the shore to splashing around. When you are completely relaxed and without forcing the situation at any time, try short dives. Another game is Frog: Jump from the edge of the pond . Show him how to do it first, then assure him you’ll be in the water to hold him. Gradually increase the time you release it. Try to splash it all the way to you at short distances.

Do not use floats

These plugins have two things going against them: provide a false sense of security and keep kids straight .

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Foot first

Hold on to the edge of the pool and move the feet into a swimming position , the first step to swimming and lifeguard training near me lessons.

the hands

Correct hand movements are taught when the child already knows how to float.
Prioritize safety, be patient and have fun . Children learn at the same pace as they grow: very fast, so enjoy those moments and make sure your kids do too. They will never forget it.

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