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The reason your zodiac sign is likely to be incorrect

As a professor emeritus in Astronomy, I’m often asked to explain the distinction between astronomy and astrology. zodiac sign is important to us, Astrology is a method of divination that forecasts one’s fate, and luck about the position in stars, the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets go way back to the ancient days. It was a part of the science of astronomy when -, and in actuality, numerous astronomers from the past have made scientific observations that are still useful. But when Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo discovered that the planets orbited the Sun and not the Earth, along with Newton, realized the physical principles that govern their behavior; astrology and astrology split and never to be united again.

Astronomy’s scientific method is currently at odds with one of the fundamental foundational principles of astrology: that of dates for the zodiac.

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The zodiac’s constellations

During a year, Sun appears to travel through a sky belt with 12 constellations from the past, or clusters of stars. They are collectively known as the zodiac and are composed nearly entirely of animal forms such as the ram (Aries) and the crab (Cancer), and Lion (Leo). It’s a disturbing thought to many that the constellations rarely appear like the ones they symbolize. How can they be that when they’re just random constellations? They are supposed to be representational, not depicted.

While the constellations of the zodiac that date from Mesopotamia or earlier might appear to be absolute, they are one of the constellations created by different cultures of the world. Each has distinct and often separate ideas of how the sky was constructed. The Incas, for instance, made constellations not from stars but from dark spots in the Milky Way.

Western zodiac

The variety of constellations within the Western zodiac is due to the cycle of the Moon, which revolves around our planet 12.4 times in a calendar year. In essence, it is the case that the Sun is seen in a different constellation, each new Moon with the stars creating an uninspiring background towards the Sun.

Although the stars aren’t visible during daylight hours, it is possible to determine which constellation Sun is located by looking up at the night sky. In the night sky, you can be able to see another constellation.

Astrology suggests that every zodiac constellation fits perfectly into a 30-degree slice. This multiplied by 12 amounts around 360°. But in reality, it’s not the case, as the constellations differ in shape and size. For instance, it is the case that the Sun traverses the constellation Scorpio within five days, but it takes 38 days to travel through Taurus. This is among the reasons why astrological signs are not aligned to the constellations in the zodiac.

Precession of the Equinoxes

The primary reason for astrological signs not coincide with the zodiac is a wobble on the Earth’s axis of rotation, also known as precession. Because of its cycle and precession, the Earth expands slightly towards the equator. This is similar to how a skater’s skirt spreads out when she turns. The gravitational force of both the Moon and Sun forces the bulge, causing the Earth to move like an over. The tilt causes the Earth’s axis, which is the of the line that it revolves around and swings around in a slow, circular motion for 25,800 years.

The movement changes the perspective of the zodiac from Earth and makes the constellations appear to move towards the east, approximately one degree per lifetime. While the process is slow, it was first discovered through the naked eye of Hipparchus of Nicaea in 150 B.C.

In the past

the vernal equinox – or the day that marks the beginning of spring – was observed in Aries. Because of precession, it moved to Pisces about 100 B.C., where it is currently there until A.D. 2700 when it will shift into Aquarius. Throughout 25800 years, come back to Aries, which will cause the cycle to start again.

As a form of entertainment, studying astrology and its predictions of the future and character is fun to play. But, it is not based on science. It’s to science how the board game “Monopoly” is to the real property market.

Astrology diverts attention from the real-world effects of the planets. This is primarily their gravitational influences on one another, which cause significant changes in the shape of their sizes, conditions, and tilts in their orbits. On Earth, the changes are likely to have caused the past ice ages.

In The Last

Avoiding collisions with Earth and celestial bodies could result in rapid changes, for example, the impact of an asteroid that struck the Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago. It had a global impact, such as the disappearance of dinosaurs and an increased number of mammals.

Astronomical studies may eventually allow the prediction of these happenings, whereas astrology predictions will lead you nowhere.

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