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DIY Phone Fixes By Steubenville’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

You might be shocked to know that 87.8% of people have difficulty leaving their phones at home. Considering this, it should be no surprise that a broken mobile phone causes persistent anxiety, worry, and panic.

Are you on a tight budget and don’t wish to visit a cell phone repair shop in Steubenville, OH? Don’t worry!  You can repair it yourself! However, keep in mind that some kinds of damage must only be evaluated and fixed by cell phone repair specialists with the necessary skills, equipment, and expertise. Only attempt DIY hacks on minimal damage. Instead, you might wish to “get by” until you can afford a new phone.

Continue reading before heading to a cell phone repair shop to know everything you’ll need to know to do your own repairs. We’ve included everything you need to know about typical phone problems and DIY repair methods, whether you’ve got an Android or an iPhone.

First, let’s look at the most common phone damages and their DIY repair hacks.

Are you ready to save your hard-earned money and time? Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Common Phone Repairs

Repairing cellphone damage might be difficult if you are not technically skilled. We still suggest finding professional assistance from a cell phone repair shop.

Here are a few of the most typical cellphone problems and how to fix them:

Battery Issues

Dead or dying battery: If the battery is running low, try reducing the brightness of your screen or switching off live wallpapers.

The battery does not fully charge: Change charging cables to see if the issue is with your phone or the cable. Keep your phone away from places that are too hot or humid.

Swollen Battery: This appears to be a problem with phones having removable batteries or older versions. Consider contacting your manufacturer or visiting a local cell phone repair shop for warranty replacement.

Screen Crack

A cracked or broken screen is annoying when you use your phone as a portable laptop for work. If your smartphone screen is damaged, you will be unable to see any of the app icons, let alone use them for useful tasks.

If your phone’s screen is broken or cracked, you can repair it using the methods listed below.

  • Take a small piece of tape and wrap it around the screen crack.
  • Small cell phone cracks can be repaired using super glue.
  •  Remove any remaining glue with a towel.
  • Replace the broken screen with a new one to see if the touchscreen still works.
  • If your device is still under warranty, the company may be ready to grant a free cell phone replacement.
  • Turn in your broken phone and use the profits to buy a new one.

Performance Delays

Another common issue that must be addressed is slow performance. The following are some troubleshooting methods:

Check your internet connection to check if this is the problem.

You should reset your device. Many issues can be resolved with a power cycle.

Low storage. If your smartphone has less than 10% space, it may begin to malfunction.

Update the OS and applications on your phone.

Consider visiting a local Steubenville cell phone repair shop. If you cannot repair your mobile phone, a cell phone repair expert can always help.

Charging Port Damage

Restart it: Occasionally, software issues stop the smartphone from detecting its charging port.

Repair your power cord, then use it on the phone you know is working properly. Sometimes, instead of your smartphone, it’s just your charger that must be repaired. Isn’t it a simple fix?

Unblock your charging port: If everything else is in order, you should clear any dust from the charging port.

App Error

Have you ever experienced this? Having an application crash while playing a game or studying on your phone is frustrating.

Users frequently confuse a hardware crash with an application crash. However, distinguishing between the two is simple. When your phone crashes, it will become sluggish and unresponsive, and you will most likely need to switch it off.

An application crash, on the other hand, happens when a single app either does not start up or stops while in use.

What to do?

– An app suddenly vanishes from your screen.

– Update the application; updates frequently address bugs.

– Examine the app’s privacy settings: Activating the right permissions for iPhones is critical, especially where Apple has taken precautions to ensure data privacy.

Is nothing working? It’s Time to Send Your Mobile to a Cell Phone Repair Shop in Steubenville

Have you tried everything, yet you’re still stuck? Take your device to Steubenville‘s cell phone repair shop. Fortunately, the neighborhood has several dependable and trustworthy cell phone repair stores, such as Cell It Here. Their highly skilled phone repair experts will ensure that all of your smartphone issues are resolved!


Can I fix my phone myself?

Depending on the type of damage and phone, your experience and skills, precision, and knowledge, you may be able to undertake some fixes by yourself or at least keep your smartphone functioning for a while.

Is it possible to repair internal smartphone damage?

If you suspect your smartphone has internal damage, send it to a professional. They would open it using specialized equipment and inspect it for damaged pieces.

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