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The process to find a rented property in Dubai

Renting out property in Dubai is a viable solution for all those who are for a short-term stay in the emirate. It gives them an opportunity to know about the place in detail. There are plenty of apartments for sale in Dubai creek harbour or even for rent. If you are making your way to this emirate and want to know in detail about the accommodation process then you are at the right place. A large part of arranging the terms or conditions of your employment is dependent upon the accommodation options. As renting out a property in Dubai is not that expensive.

Most of the companies who are head hunting and moving their staff to this part are expect to offer accommodation facilities for a short span of time. Whereas others are know to levy a fix charge when it comes to accommodation charges. This brings us to the point, where you need to locate the right property to rent in Dubai and it begins with a proper negotiation with the landlord. In fact, you are likely to come across the best deal. When you enter into a negotiation with your landlord.

Renting property and the scope of financial assistance

If you are planning to rent out a property in Dubai and sort out your employment contract. Then you need to be aware of the financial assistance you can expect. It is better to visit various forums and check out the average rental agencies with their real-time updates. You are going to gain an idea of what others have gone on to state about the property. This is going to give you an idea of what is fair and what needs to be avoid

If it is possible, you can negotiate that the employee accommodates at their premises for a considerable period of time. A suggestion is that the period should be close to around 2 months. So that you have the time to find your feet and search for a suitable accommodation within that point of time. Though even a month is ok if they are able to provide it and the rest would be dependent upon your bargaining skills. But if the company provides Dubai creek residences rent then it is an added benefit of sorts. There is a possibility that the housing needs they provide is not going to align with your needs and your family. Still, a better option would be to stick on for a couple of months and then you can move into an accommodation of your choice.

How to locate a rental property in Dubai

Mostly you can hop on to the website of the real estate agencies and find a property of your choice. But it is not the best way to locate your dream property when you are in this part of the world. You can discuss it with your friends or check it out with your employee or flip through the classifieds the moment you land in Dubai. There are notice boards displayed at the gym and supermarkets. That are going to provide you with an idea about the same. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you are searching for a residential property

  • How accessible the property is in relation to your workplace. You need to take into consideration the commute build-up 
  • Even your budget along with personal requirements has a role to play.

You can seek out recommendations from your friends or colleagues. One thing is for sure local knowledge is priceless. A proactive approach would be to take your car out and drive around and search various properties in the region. Be aware that the best properties are known to go fast. So it is better that you are willing to relocate at the earliest. On the other hand if you have limited time to search for a property in Dubai. It is always better to seek out the services of real estate rental agencies. They are professionals who have in depth knowledge on how to guide you about search a property in details. In fact there is a property based on your budget.

Staying safe when you are renting out a property in Dubai

  • If you are ask to up the entire rental amount in the form of a single cheque then take a back step. There is no genuine landlord who will ask you to do this. Though there is a requirement to hand over the post-dated cheques to the landlord. There is no need to hand over the money upfront. This is irrespective of the fact on how lucrative the terms and conditions of the agreement may seem. Any person who is asking for the entire money upfront is likely to be a fraud.
  • You need to get a title deed copy of the property and you are entitle to ask for you. This indicates that you can see the real name of the property owner. And you may compare it with the lease that you signed. It makes sure that you are entering into a contract directly with the owner and no one else.
  • Subletting may be a common occurrence, but it is illegal in the country. In fact, no rights are provided if you are subletting the property.
  • If you are doing business with a real estate broker, check out their license detail. It has to be in an approved list of real estate agents of the government.
  • Make it a point that the contract is being register with the Ejari. This is a part of the Dubai regulatory agency that advocates a series of protocols related to the real estate market in Dubai.

To conclude renting out property in Dubai is a better bet. If you are planning to stay in the country for a prolonged period of time. It is going to give you a proper feel of the place before you are planning to commit on to something.

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