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The Best Luxury Leather Bag Brands For Every Budget

One of the world’s oldest industries is the leather industry. It’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice with many great qualities. There are numerous reasons to buy a genuine leather bag, whether for business or pleasure. The most significant advantage is that genuine leather bags outlast all other materials. They also offer convenience, style, durability, and versatility. 

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Leather bags are a popular option for those looking to invest in something that will last longer than most. That’s why this article will tell you about the best leather bag brands. 

1. Da Milano

Da Milano is one of the best handbag brands today, with products that feature cutting-edge technology, creativity, and timeless sophistication. In addition to handbags, the company sells travel bags, portfolio bags, wallets, and other accessories. Da Milano currently operates 44 self-service retail locations in ten cities. In the coming years, they hope to expand to 100 retail locations across more than 34 cities. The company also intends to expand its global presence by opening stores in Europe, Singapore, and Dubai.  

2. Peperone

Peperone is a leading manufacturer of accessory lifestyle products such as fabric bags, wallets, and handbags, as well as one of the top handbag brands. Its products combine craftsmanship, extreme comfort, and cutting-edge design. Since its inception in 2010, the company has evolved from a handbag manufacturer to a multi-dimensional growth-oriented fashion brand. Peperone debuted its first collection in Chennai in 2010, and the handbag brand has since gained a devoted following.  

3. Nappa Dori

This is a little pricey for one of the best leather bag makers. But their messengers, backpacks, slings, laptop bags, and overnighters are well worth the money. Almost everything in their collection will appeal to you. Be it the intricately embossed lion head or the hand-pulled rickshaw inspired by Calcutta printed on leather bags.  

4. Massimo Italiano

This is a leather boutique in G-town where you can buy fashionable bags. They have a store in HKV and accept orders via Whatsapp. The shop only caters to women and sells jackets and shoes. You’ll adore their wallets and clutches, particularly those embellished with jacquard and Rajasthani mirror work. What’s more, the best part? They will not empty your wallet.   

5. Craft Concepts

Craft Concepts offers well-crafted, high-quality leather goods that perfectly balance traditional artisanship and modern fashion aesthetics. The store recommends these bags for carrying books, daily items, or laptops. They’re reasonably priced, and we love them even more because they’re ideal for giving men exquisite messengers.

Craft Concept has been designed to achieve an appealing balance of form and function. The design features a subtle beige canvas and exotic leather trim for a luxurious finish.

6. Coach

Coach, the global fashion house, was founded in 1941 in New York City. It has consistently maintained its position as a leader in the clothing and accessories scene over the years. You’ve probably seen the brand’s double ‘C’ design, which debuted in 2001. However, numerous handbags have gained popularity over the years. The ultra-sleek Tabby Bag is an updated version of one of the brand’s archived 1970s designs. It is a low-cost brand that creates elegant and luxurious everyday handbags. It is popular among college students who want to appear classy and fashionable.  

7. Loewe

If you want to splurge on a luxury leather handbag, Loewe is a good option. The Spanish luxury fashion house’s logo is easily identifiable, founded in 1846. Each bag features the famous anagram of the four L’s, unmistakable due to their distinct styles and shapes. The Puzzle Bag is one of many notable inventions. 

8. Baggit

Baggit is a well-known handbag manufacturer. Nina Lekhi founded it in 1990 as a luxury handbag company producing reasonably priced, high-quality handbags. Faux leather, canvas, and other materials are available to give your otherwise dull handbags a stylish twist. 

Baggit luxury handbags are all about a splash of bright colors, a touch of sophistication, and a style that is uniquely you. Luxury handbags are the most popular in India due to their elegant style, various sizes, abstract designs, and low cost. Baggit is a one-stop shop for high-end handbags suitable for numerous occasions.  

9. Caprese

Accessorize your favorite outfits with the sophisticated Caprese luxury handbags collection. Caprese sling bags or hobos in bright colors will keep your cards and cash organized. It comes in various eye-catching colors, such as olive green, burgundy, gold, and others, to suit a variety of moods and events.

Caprese offers stylish purses for any occasion. You can find a Caprese purse to match your outfit, whether going to a professional function or a casual lunch with your girlfriends.

10. Cuyana

Cuyana has all your handbag needs covered, whether you’re looking for a new casual everyday purse or a designer bag. Cuyana is a women-owned brand that collaborates with craftswomen worldwide to create products focusing on sustainability. It sells products made from sustainable, recycled, or repurposed materials. Cuyana has everything from sleek and sophisticated purse backpacks to versatile Half-Moon Shoulder Bags. In addition to purses, they create the best Weekender Bags with an excellent organization for overnight travel.  

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