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Temporary Graduate Visa- Work in Australia after graduation


If you are an overseas student who just completed your studies in Australia, a Temporary Graduate visa is a perfect choice for you. A beautiful and peaceful country, Australia offers high-quality education, well-paid jobs, and many opportunities for students after graduation to advance their careers.

Temporary Graduate visa is ideal for international students who wish to continue working in Australia and have a bright future.

What is a Temporary Graduate Visa?

A Temporary Graduate visa is available to international students who are under 50 and have finished a CRICOS-approved program. You can obtain a four-year work visa in Australia with a Temporary Graduate visa.

After studying in Australia, this visa enables students to work in Australia for a specific time once they have finished their studies there. For people seeking permanent residency in Australia, it is a common pathway.

Streams of this visa include:

Graduate Work Stream

The stream is open to international students with a minimum two-year study experience and a recent qualification or skill set. To be eligible for a visa in this stream, you must be approved for a qualification related to a job on the list of skilled occupations.

Up to 18 months are allowed for living, studying, and working in Australia with this stream.

Duration of stay

The duration of the 485 Visa issued under the Graduate Work Stream is 18 months.

Post-Study Work Stream

This category is designed for international students who have recently earned a degree or a higher qualification from an Australian CRICOS-registered institution.

To complete an Australian Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, applicants may work, live and study there for up to two years; up to years for a research-based Master’s degree and for a Ph.D. or Doctorate, up to four years.

Duration of stay

Depending on the applicant’s qualifications, 485 Visa issued under the Post-study work stream allows you to stay between 18 months to 4 years.

How can you qualify for the Temporary Graduate Visa?

To qualify for a Temporary Graduate visa, you must fulfill the criteria for one of two streams.

Also, you need to satisfy a set of requirements that all graduate visa candidates must meet.

  1. You must have a valid 500 student visa.
  2. You were on a student visa for six months before applying for a 485 visa.
  3. You attended a university in Australia.
  4. You earned one of the given degrees:
    1. Master’s degree
    1. Master’s degree (Honors)
    1. Master’s degree (course work)
    1. (Extended) Master’s degree
    1. Master’s degree (by research) degree
    1. PhD
  5. You must be under 50 years of age.
  6. You have never had a 485 or 476 visa before (for a graduate visa stream).
  7. You studied for at least two years, or 92 weeks.
  8. You have the necessary skills (for a graduate stream)
  9. You must meet English proficiency needs.
  10. Your profession is on the list of skilled occupations (for a graduate visa stream).

What can you do in Australia with the Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485?

After completing a 2-year program registered under CRICOS in Australia, the Temporary Graduate Visa holder is entitled to several benefits. Both streams of this visa give temporary access to travel, residence, study, and employment in Australia.

The following list provides a concise overview of the benefits of the Subclass 485 Visa, which is essentially a temporary resident visa:

  1. Study and work in Australia.
  2. Up to 18 months of travel and staying in Australia are allowed.
  3. Bring your eligible family members along with you.
  4. International students who have completed their graduate degree can use this post-study working visa to develop and apply their skills.
  5. Additionally, it helps overseas students be more employable upon returning to their home countries or before they begin another Australian visa.
  6. Depending on the visa stream, those with this visa who have successfully finished a post-graduate level of education may stay for 2 to 4 years. The stay can be for
  7. Two years for a bachelor’s degree
  8. Three years for a master’s degree
  9.  For a doctorate, it may take up to four years.

Processing time for the Temporary Graduate Visa?

According to the Department of Home Affairs

  • It takes between five and seven months to process 485 visas (Graduate Work)
  • It can be between five and eleven months for the 485 Visa (Post-Study Work).

If the DHA requires additional information from you, the processing of your application could take longer.

 Replacement Temporary Graduate visa 

Current and past Temporary Graduate visa holders who missed time in Australia because of COVID-19 travel limitations may be qualified to apply for a new Temporary Graduate visa starting on July 1, 2022.

For a replacement 485 visa, you must

  • Have a valid 485 visa
  • Had one in the past that expired on or after February 1, 2020 and
  • Were absent from Australia anytime between February 1 and December 15, 2021.

Why is it important to move on a Temporary Graduate Visa?

After graduating, it has been observed that most candidates do not have the time to meet all the requirements to obtain a permanent residency visa. The Temporary Graduate Visa can be used in this situation.

You will have sufficient time to work, live, and study in Australia. You can get enough professional experience to pass the skills evaluation test.

In Australia, a minimum of one year of post-qualification experience is required for many occupations. You may also continue to work in the state for 3 to 12 months in the same field.


To prolong their stay in Australia, subclass 485 Visa is the next option. The 485 post-study stream is the first step toward establishing a foothold and staying in Australia for two to four years.

Also, it enables you to obtain professional experience, which directly impacts the Permanent Residency skilled Points assessments. Thus 485 is also a pathway to getting permanent residency in Australia.

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