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For what reason do my coils Burning out | cbd disposable


There is a need to understand the difference between vaping and smoking because most people think that vaping and smoking are the same. These are two different things in actuality. The research shows that vaping is the best alternative to smoking and is 95% safer. Smoking is known to be harmful to health because of the toxic elements in regular cigarettes. If you are into smoking and want to kit it off from your life, you can start vaping. The research says that vaping helps quit cigarettes. The main thing is nicotine in both regular cigarettes and vapes. The nicotine in disposable vapes e.g. orange county cbd and cbd disposable is comparatively safer than the nicotine in traditional cigarettes.

Ways To Stop Coil From Burning:

There are different ways to stop the coil from burning. This blog will explain the essential ways to stop coil from burning.

Chain Vaping:

This cause is the most common cause of burnt or dry hits. When you take puffs, the working of the wick is affected, and the wick doesn’t soak the e-liquid properly. If you feel a slightly burnt taste while inhaling, you need to put your vape pen down for a short time to give the wick time to absorb more e-liquid.

Tank Running Low on E-liquid:

The burnt taste can occur if there’s insufficient e-liquid in your vape device. The central part of the disposable vape is the wick. The function of the wick is to soak up the e-liquid, which is then turned into vapour when the coil heats up. Without any liquid to vapourise, the coil gets too hot and overheats the e-liquid, which causes that displeasing burnt taste in your mouth (and ruins your vaping experience in the process).

High PG E-liquid:

High PG liquid is the best for the vape because this liquid is then and doesn’t produce any disturbance. This e-liquid is responsible for the flavour in the vape device. On the other hand, VG liquid is a little bit thick and can damage your vape coil. This liquid is responsible for the thick vapours. If you are a new vaper using disposable vapes, you can keep an equal quantity of VG and PG to get an excellent vaping experience.

Prime Your Coil:

It is essential to prime your coil before vaping; otherwise, you can burn it. The wick of the new coil is always dry, you need to soak it before starting vaping. If you do not do it, it can damage your coil badly. The soaking process takes time, so you must wait for five minutes before taking the first puff after filling your tank.

Reduce Your Power Setting:

 When you vape at a higher wattage, you volatilise more juice with every single puff. It’s good if you want to make thick clouds, but it can damage your new coil. It is very necessary to keep the wattage low to save the new coil from burning. The only solution to this is to reduce the power setting. When you feel that the flavour is almost finished, you can get the dry hit and need to sock your coil urgently.


There are many ways to stop the coil from burning. The main thing you can do is stop chain vaping. The other main thing is to prime your coil. yOu can’t prime the coil if you are using disposable vapes because you can’t change the setting of these vape devices.

 On the other hand, if you are using reusable vapes, you can prime your coil. You can keep the liquid capacity according to you in reusable vapes. If you want to stop your vape coil from burning, you must use the high PG liquid in your vape device.      


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