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Teeth Aligners Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Want to align your teeth and want to make them straighten? So what are you waiting for?

Let’s look at different types of teeth aligners which will help you align your teeth and bring them to a proper shape.

Teeth aligners are orthodontic tools that bring your teeth to a proper position and align them in the right direction. So let’s have a deep discussion on this topic. Read the article till the end to know more.

What are teeth aligners?

Teeth aligners are orthodontic tools, also known as braces, that are used to align your teeth and correct other alignment issues in your teeth. Help strengthen your teeth and also align your teeth to enhance your appearance. Aligners provide an appealing smile by correcting all the alignment issues like crookedness, gaps, and alignment in your teeth.

Teeth aligners are made up of plastic and are customized to let them better fit in your teeth without causing any trouble. One fantastic thing about the aligners is that primarily the aligners are designed in such a way that they’re less visible to others.

How are aligners different from braces?

Both braces and aligners have their significance and are more or less similar, but they still possess some differences.

The first thing which differentiates these both is their appearance. Traditional braces are made up of wires and bands, giving them an ancient appearance, whereas at the same time, aligners are made up of plastic and materials that easily blend with the colour of the teeth and are less visible.

Next, the most important thing about the braces and the aligners is that braces are less visible when compared to the aligners. Apart from all these rights from handling, cleaning and caring, aligners are contemporary and are made of less visible materials.

You can enquire about the best dental clinic near you for a better solution based on your teeth.

What are the benefits of teeth aligners?

Some benefits of teeth aligners are here as follows;

Enhanced Appearance:

One best thing about teeth aligners are that they look amazing and add more appearance to your smile. Aligners are designed in such a way that they get easily blend with the teeth and make them look more appealable and amazing!

Balanced Diet:

Yes, your diet isn’t affected by aligners, which means you can eat whatever you want. With braces, even you may need to avoid some healthy foods as they may not be suitable for your braces but are vital for your health. Therefore with aligners, you can maintain your health by opting for a healthy and balanced diet.


To tell genuinely, the aligners are more comfortable when compared to braces. As the aligners are made up of fragile material, aligners are more comfortable to carry in your mouth than traditional braces, which are quite challenging to manage.

Proper Oral Hygiene:

Compared with the braces, the aligners are easier to clean up when compared to braces as they are designed to be removed and cleaned so that they can be maintained well and last long.

So these are some of the benefits of Teeth Aligners.

What are the disadvantages of Teeth aligners?

These dental tools also have some disadvantages, which you must know; Let’s see what those are.


When compared to the aligners, the braces are more expensive. However, in many cases, they are the same as the braces, but in some cases, they may vary from person to person depending upon the patient’s case. The Invisalign cost in Chennai is around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs.


Primarily teeth aligners are effective for aligning your teeth on similar issues. Teeth with significant problems, like more crooked and misaligned teeth, cannot be corrected with the aligners as they may need braces to make them perfect.


As per the rule, you have to wear it for 22 hours a day to make effective use of it which means you can remove it only while eating and cleaning; other than that, you have to wear it even during sleeping. It might be uncomfortable for many people, but it may get habituated with time.

So these were some of the difficulties with the teeth aligners.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Teeth Aligners:

Are aligners good for your teeth?

Aligners are suitable for your teeth and will help you straighten your teeth and correct the gap between their teeth. They also help you to align and reduce the gap between your teeth.

What is the cost of the teeth aligners?

The cost of the teeth aligners depends on the type of aligners and the materials used for making them. It also relies on the complexity of the treatment.

Which works faster, braces or aligners?

The answer to this question is that it depends. Both aligners and braces work correct based on the teeth’s condition. Many assume that the braces work faster than the aligner, whereas, on the other hand, many think that aligners are more effective in correcting their teeth.

Which is more cost-effective, braces or aligners?

When it comes to cost, as said before, the braces are considered to be affordable as they are pretty traditional and come with fewer features.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Some benefits of invisible braces are;

  • Invisible Braces are invisible and stylish.
  • Invisible Braces are removable and portable.
  • Invisible Braces are Painless and Comfy.
  • Invisible Braces are healthy and durable.

I hope you find the article helpful. So if you have any queries related to the article, you can ask them here in this article.

Thanks for reading!

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