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Headphones: Wireless or Wired?

Qatar’s most loved electronic brand Kees has rapidly gained the status of a household name, thanks to its ultra-budget-friendly yet high-performing range of gadgets. From quirky headphones splashed with colour and packed with features that guarantee an excellent listening experience. To compact speakers promising powerful audio output. Kees’ inventory of stellar electronic online shopping products is as remarkably impressive, as it is affordable. No wonder the name is now inevitably bound to come up, every time a conversation related to buying new headphones, speakers or earphones is sparked! 

But we also know how perplexing Kees’ catalogue of gadgets can be. With an array of options under every single category offering the best laptops in Qatar, feeling spoiled for choice when you decide to shop from Kees is only natural. Now, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either spend hours researching the various models and features offered by Kees and then choose your favourites from the lot. Or you can straightaway arrive at stage two, with a list of the best computer stores in Qatar, and gadgets from Kees handy. Since you’re here, we’ll assume it’s the latter you’re more interested in. So, go ahead and browse through this curated guide to the best Kees gadgets worth snagging for yourself!

Redmi Buds 

Whether you’re grooving to your favourite songs on one of the best places to buy laptop in Qatar or attending an office call while running on the treadmill, these AirPods will always be with you.  

Wireless earbuds with connectivity that lasts up to four hours. Lightweight in its construction with a clever ergonomic design that lets you stay comfortable through hours of continuous use. It comes with built-in immersive audio for a crystal-clear wireless listening experience.

Available at a price that’s super friendly to your wallet, what’s not to love?

Mi In-Ear Headphones

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth chipset along with fast charging technology, Mi in Ear Headphones are ideal for a seamless calling experience so buy electronics online now. This high-quality gadget churns out powerful HD sound with deep boosted bass. Whilst helping you tune out unnecessary interruptions with its CVC noise cancellation.

The damping balance system of the 3rd generation plate provides a clear and detailed sound. With a built-in microphone for hands-free conference calls, alongside on-cord controls for online USB music. With a quick charge of one hour, you get up to six hours of undisturbed playtime with these sturdy and stylish wireless earphones from Kees.

Belkin Wireless On-Ear Headphones

One of the best headphones in Qatar at the moment, the Belkin Wireless Headphones by Kees are truly a sight to behold.

Keep your kids’ ears comfortable and protected with premium wireless on-ear headphones designed just for them. Whether they’re doing schoolwork online or watching videos in the back seat, easy pairing and intuitive controls are perfect even for young kids. While a volume cap of 85dB* keeps them safe during longer listening sessions. Battery life of up to 30 hours means kids can spend more uninterrupted time with their favourite sounds. And durability testing of up to 2 years keeps them safe from spills and accidents. Designed to work with popular distance-learning devices and apps, and includes an optional wired connection, so you can also buy laptops online.

This gadget has noise cancellation qualities along with its HD immersive audio output. The design of these wireless Kees Headphones features a smooth comfortable fit headband and adaptive ear-cups that continue to feel light even after hours of use. A singular charge gets you around eight hours of excellent playtime, and the reasonable price makes it a total steal!

Mini Speaker

First off, how cool does that sleek, diamond-gridded mesh design look? Very, I know.  

Exquisite and small, with surging bass, bring you extraordinary listening enjoyment on one of the best portable speakers. The curve is elegant and smooth, simple and powerful. Small, with the just-right size. Made from CNC-rolled, and the following minimalism, bringing such a tiny wireless speaker with miraculous sound performance.

This sturdy speaker from Kees can produce 10 w’s of captivating dynamic HD sound. Amplified by the subwoofer online hard drive in the device. With 7 hours of battery life, sleek build and design and seamless Bluetooth experience. Coupled with the choice of switching to AUX cable whenever you please. Together make this budget portable speaker a dream come true for all you thrifty folks!

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

What if we told you it’s possible to experience complete gaming immersion without feeling like you’ve got a headset on? Enter the Razer Kraken X. Ultra-light online led at just 250g and ultra-immersive surround sound. Sit tight and play for hours—your gaming marathons are about to be a breeze.

Equipped with 7.1 surrounds sound software so you can experience accurate positional audio when gaming. You’ll be able to pick up the direction of where the action is coming. So you’re ready to pounce into a gunfight. Featuring custom-tuned 40mm drivers. The Razer Kraken X produces clear and balanced sound from thundering explosions in all-out wars to subtle footsteps in stealthy covert operations.

Buy electronics online for ideal comfort and sound isolation throughout gaming marathons. Relieves pressure on your head to prevent strain. Creates a firm grip on your head to provide a comfortable and measured fit.

The flexible and bendable microphone utilizes a cardioid pattern that records sound from an area that focuses on your mouth. This helps to capture your voice with clarity while suppressing background noise from the back and sides.

The microphone mute button and volume slider are easily accessed underneath the left ear-cup for convenient control- making it one of the best gaming headsets in town.

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