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Getting Into The Crypto Field: 6 Things To Know 

It is over a decade now that Bitcoin, the first digital currency, hit the market, and since then, it has been a rather interesting journey. Many people believe that we are still in the early stages of the development of this industry. While some may think this is a fad, others are more optimistic and see the potential for drastic growth. 

Various investment options have come up in the crypto space and can be pretty overwhelming for a newbie. This guide will highlight six things you need to know before venturing into cryptocurrency investment and trading. 

How Can You Invest in Cryptocurrency? 

You must understand the business model before you jump in. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and that is where most investors exploit to make massive gains. As a beginner, ensure you familiarize yourself with the price changes before investing. For instance, if you buy the coins when the price is high, you will make a loss when selling after prices dip. Ethereum Price Prediction helps you forecast the probability of its value growing or dropping in the next week. That way, you can make informed decisions on the best time to buy. 

Also, ensure you have a long-term plan for your finances. Never invest money intended for immediate use because you will be forced to sell your assets before they can fetch you revenue. Consider consulting an investment broker experienced in cryptocurrency to help you. 

This guide will simplify your journey with a few other things you need to know before venturing into cryptocurrency. 

1. Do Your Research 

What a cliche! You already know that research is fundamental before venturing into a new business. And that is why you are reading this post. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its early developmental stage and highly volatile. There is a higher risk associated with investing in digital assets. Do everything to understand the risks before putting your money into any project. 

Various options for investing in crypto include buying coins, trading, mining, and investing in ICOs. Each has its set of risks and rewards. For example, buying Bitcoin is more secure than an ICO because the latter is mostly unregulated. However, an ICO can offer greater returns if it succeeds. Many people prefer HODLing as a way of making money from crypto. 

2. Understand the Options 

How does crypto work? Are digital assets the same as coins? Can you use Bitcoin to buy things? These are some basic questions you may be seeking answers to before venturing into the world of cryptocurrency. Digital coins and assets are not the same. 

Coins are a digital medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether are some examples of coins. Assets are digital or virtual tokens representing value, like Ripple and Stellar. 

3. Familiarize Yourself with the Technology 

The cryptocurrency industry runs on decentralized technologies such as the blockchain and smart contracts. Understanding how this works is crucial before venturing into crypto. Choose a project based on a technology you understand. That will make it easier for you to monitor its progress and make informed decisions about your investment. 

4. Understand the Timing 

Digital coins and assets can fluctuate often. You may buy one now, and its value drops to near zero in the next minute, like what happened to Ethereum in 2017. Understanding the right time to buy or sell is crucial if you want to gain from your investment. It is ideal to buy when the coin hits its low and sell when the value rises. 

5. Settle Your Debts First 

Sounds unrealistic? Consider this; if you had $500 in debt and decided to invest that money in Bitcoin, what would happen if the value of BTC dipped to $100 the next day after you had invested? You would end up having $400 in debts and zero BTC. 

Settling high-interest loans and debts should be your priority before investing in digital assets. You will be less likely to experience anxiety and other emotions that can lead to hasty decisions when the value of your investment drops. 

6. Work on a Budget 

So you received your retirement benefits, income from property sales, or an inheritance. You become tempted to invest all of it in Bitcoin because you heard that BTC might reach $100,000 in the next five years. Slow down. Now, breathe in – out – in – out. Use that money to buy food, pay the bills, and other needs first. 

After you have settled your debts and allocated some money for your essential expenses, emergencies, and long-term savings, you can start working on a budget for your cryptocurrency investment. For instance, you can set aside 1% to 5% of your monthly income and use that budget to buy digital assets. Also, create a backup plan. What will you do if the value of your investment plummets? 

Summing Up 

Investing in digital assets is a risky endeavor. However, understanding the risks and taking the necessary precautions can help you minimize those risks. Do your research, understand the technology, and know when to buy or sell. Remember, you can also make substantial returns from the investment. But always work with a budget and have a backup plan. 

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