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Smart Phones and Social media the New Trend Adopted

With approximately 80% of all social media time being spent on mobile devices, the surge in smartphone use will surely have a significant impact on how people use social media. And what’s good about it is that when you buy a smartphone using Huawei Coupon Codes, you can enjoy big discounts upon purchase. Moreover, the most recent iteration of the renowned Mary Meeker’s internet trends report emphasizes the fact that these figures are likewise expected to rise.

Here are a few summaries of the report’s findings regarding the implications of these mobile and social trends.

On social media and mobile, visual content reigns supreme.

While text in postings and social media usage are dwindling, images and videos are becoming more and more important and popular. With the proliferation of smartphones, the use of richer kinds of media to engage on the smaller screen, and the ease with which visual content can be created and shared, photos and videos are on the rise.

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Publications and citations are evolving.

The function of the website is also evolving. A distribution-centric model of channels is replacing the destination-centric model of websites because of features like instant articles, live video, and auto-play video within Facebook, as well as a built-in audience. Purchases and audience touchpoints can now take place entirely outside of a company’s site. The majority of people are accessing brands through the same applications and social media platforms that may serve as the access point on mobile devices for applications.

Because of this progression, videos—especially live video, which provides viewers the option to interact directly with businesses and influencers—are becoming a more efficient way to engage consumers. Due to these changes, live events are also evolving into social experiences for individuals who are not physically present, giving brands access to viewers on a scale never before seen outside of traditional media.

The use of messaging applications is growing.

The messaging features in almost all of these apps have the potential to replace text-based SMS with more expressive, imaginative, and immersive forms of communication that are contained within apps. By making significant investments in Messenger and inviting brands to use the function, Facebook is already well on its way. As Facebook has demonstrated, social apps not only add functionality to the communication channel but also enable direct, ongoing, and customized interactions between customers and brands.

The possibilities for mobile advertising on social media are enormous.

Even though ad-blocking is on the rise, social advertising still offers great potential for brands. Mobile-driven opportunities are being created because social advertising is far behind what is being spent on traditional media. Additionally, social media platforms provide a wealth of data collection capabilities that support highly targeted advertising. This is crucial since consumers desire customized and tailored interactions.

Bottom Line

Brands must take advantage of the native advertising and targeted advertising alternatives offered by social networks. Therefore, firms that can experiment and improve their mobile ad strategy today may gain a significant advantage before competitors start shifting their expenditure in this direction. Looking ahead, as mobile and social media increasingly serve as brand entry points, it is imperative that we start giving these considerations top priority in order to build mutually beneficial relationships, interactions, and experiences with audiences and to stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

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