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Hulu Pros And Cons – Is Hulu Worth It For Streaming In UK?

There’s no denying that online streaming has changed the way we consume content. It has killed the concept of traditional cable TV subscriptions and moviegoers have now turned into couch potatoes, binge-watching their favorite TV shows. The United Kingdom is considered a huge market for online streaming services and rightly so.

With tens of thousands of users subscribing to online streaming platforms every day, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the competition among streaming services is tough. Hulu is one of the streaming services which has left its mark in the streaming business and is taking massive strides toward competing with the likes of big guns like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

Unlike the above-mentioned streaming services, which are available in several countries, Hulu is exclusively available in the US and can’t be accessed anywhere else. However, you can still watch Hulu UK using a premium VPN service.

But before you commit to a long-term Hulu subscription, you must go through its pros and cons. So, let’s find out: is Hulu Worth it for Streaming in UK?

Introduction to Hulu?

A subscription-based streaming service based in the US, Hulu offers on-demand content and a live TV streaming service. Hulu is invested by Comcast and The Walt Disney Company and only provides services in the USA and Japan.

Hulu, unlike other platforms, strives to deliver the latest series and their original content to its viewers, instead of documentaries and movies.

Besides original content, Hulu, compared to its competitors, also provides extra benefits of live TV. Live  news, sports, and entertainment programs are available from A+E Networks, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, The Walt Disney Company, CBS Corporation, Turner Networks, The CW, and Discovery+.

Pros of Hulu

Affordable Basic Plan

The Hulu subscription plan starts at only US$7.99 per month, while Amazon Prime and Netflix both cost US$9.00 per month. But, you will see ads popping up during the screenplay, which many people don’t mind if the basic price is affordable.

Next-day episodes of the latest shows

Hulu platform is updated regularly with the latest episode of the TV series as soon as they air. This is much faster than Netflix, which only updates TV shows after the season is finished.

Impressive original programming

Hulu has created a number of original content that are popular for being excellent. The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most well-known Hulu originals, but there are many more to pick from.

Add-ons and Bundles

Hulu offers add-ons and bundles that allow you to stream from other platforms and channels without installing various programs and apps. The bonus point is that you also save dollars by bundling!

Cons of Hulu

Frequent ads with the basic plan

If you do not select the “no ads” add-on, which costs an additional $6/month (at the time of writing), you will be exposed to advertisement clips both before and after every video.

Relatively smaller content library

When compared to Netflix and other streaming services, Hulu has a relatively small content library. Although Netflix has more than 100,000 TV shows and movies, Hulu only has slightly more than 5000.

Poor selection of older TV shows

Hulu is up-to-date on its latest TV shows, but not so much on older shows. Seasons of old TV shows are frequently missing on its platform.

Multiple pricing plans

Though some viewers prefer having several payment options, others find its pricing plans to be a little confusing. In addition, Hulu recently raised their prices, which are now higher than those of competitors — (unless you subscribe to the basic plan).

Summary of Hulu’s Pros and Cons

Fast Updates on latest EpisodesHighly-priced add-ons
Offers a wide range of TV content from various sources.Different pricing plans and schemes
The basic plan is reasonably priced.Ad-compatible (unless you pay more to remove ads)
50 hours of DVR storage in the cloudIf you don’t pay extra, two screens are included

Hulu’s Original Programming

Here are some of the latest Hulu original TV shows that you can stream in 2022:

  • Only Murders in the Building
  • Candy
  • The Dropout
  • The Girl From Plainville
  • Dollface
  • Letterkenny
  • Dopesick
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • The Mindy Project
  • The Old Man

Hulu + Live TV Channel Lineup

Hulu’s Live TV streaming service offers access to 75+ US TV channels. Here’s a list of channels that you can watch:

  • ABC News Live
  • A&E
  • Animal Planet
  • CBS Sports Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • Food Network
  • National Geographic
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Discovery Channel
  • CNN International
  • ESPN
  • Fox News
  • Universal Kids
  • Golf Channel
  • YES Network
  • USA Network
  • Olympic Channel.

Hulu Compatible Devices

Here are some of the devices that are compatible with Hulu:

  • iPhones, iPads
  • Apple TV (4th generation)
  • Android phones, tablets
  • Amazon Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast
  • Roku, Roku Stick
  • Samsung TV (Selected models)
  • LG Smart TV with webOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

Hulu + Live TV DVR Feature

What if you can’t watch a live-streaming episode of your favorite series? Don’t be sad, you can always record the episode and watch it later. Hulu – like any other service-  lets you record your favorite movie or TV series. It comes with 50 hours of DVR storage on the Cloud. To use this feature, you must choose a base subscription or something higher.

It would, however, include ads. You cannot fast-forward through ads and record only bits of an episode. You can, however, pay an extra US$6.99 per month for no-ad TV. This also includes 200 hours of DVR storage.


In this article, we have gone through some pros and cons of Hulu that you must keep in mind before paying the subscription fee. Having said that, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and diversity of Hulu’s content library and it’s definitely worth spending money on.

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