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Participating in a trade show requires a lot of planning and preparation. From choosing your ideal exhibition booth design, size of the stand, deciding upon the booth members, products to be on display, and finally resolving the confusion of either buying or renting an exhibition stand. All of these things together in a perfect mix make a successful exhibition recipe.

Most of the above pointers can be decided easily, however, participating in an exhibition is not a cakewalk. The real quandary arises when you have to determine whether buy an exhibition stand or rent it with exhibition stand builders.

To help you come to a solution, we have compiled some important points that must be considered before renting or buying an exhibition stand:

Advantages of Buying an Exhibition Stand Or Trade Show Booth:

  1. Bring your dream exhibition stand to life- If you want to buy your exhibition stand, you can build it as per your imagination. The exhibition booth that you have envisioned for a long time can come to reality, as you can customize it. Without any restrictions, you can build your booth as distinctive and unique as you want it to be. Buying your booth is the best option if you don’t have any budget restraints.
  • Ideal for Unified Presence at exhibitions- Buying a custom exhibition stand is much more cost-effective if you have a similar floor plan for every show. You can have the exact same branding and look in every exhibition you exhibit in.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long run- If you’ve booked your calendar for exhibitions over a few years, and don’t mind if you have the same look everywhere, then in a long term, buying your exhibition booth will be more cost-effective. The shelf life of any stand is a minimum of 3 to 4 years.

Disadvantages of Buying an Exhibition Stand Or Trade Show Booth:

  1. If you buy an exhibition stand you always need to have space at your location to store the exhibition stand graphics and elements
  2. If you buy an exhibition stand you need to manage your exhibition stand projects and deal with the venue’s administration. You would always need a place that suits your exhibition booth.
  3. If you buy an exhibition stand, you’ve tied yourself to one set pattern. Even if you want to change the look of your stand, it would cost you much more.

Advantages of Trade Show booth rental:

  • Suits your budget- If you have a budget constraint, then renting your exhibition stand is the best option. You can easily pay according to your rental agreement. Even if you are exhibiting at Hannover one day or at Frankfurt the other, you don’t have to pay extra costs for setting up your booth every time.
  • Cost Efficient for different booth sizes- If you need to have a large exhibition booth, it would cost a fortune, but if you are renting your exhibition stand, it would be more cost-effective.
  • Different look at every exhibition- When you are renting your exhibition stand, you can participate in an exhibition every time with a fresh new face. This is a great opportunity for companies who need re-branding.
  • Not stuck with a single size- If you have purchased a large exhibition booth, and have to exhibit in a smaller place, it would create chaos. Plus, a large stand also requires huge storage fees.   

Disadvantages of Exhibition Stand rentals:

  1. If you have a trade show booth rental, you should be aware of the quality of the exhibition booth hardware. If you are not using a good quality exhibition stand from a reputable exhibition booth builders then your stand would look old.
  2. If you are exhibiting at a lot of trade shows it can cost more to have an exhibition stand rental.
  3. Do a thorough background check on your exhibition stand contractor and the quality of the material they use.


Finally, we can conclude that buying or renting an exhibition stand varies from company to company. Buying or renting an exhibition stand depends on how many times you want to exhibit if you have any storage facilities, the type of stand you are building, and your budget.

If you are going to exhibit for a minimum of three times and are ready to build and dismantle the stand yourself, then buying the stand is a better option. Conversely, if you are exhibiting in a foreign place, and have a limited budget, then go for trade show booth rentals.


If you are still not able to decide on either buying or renting an exhibition booth, then contact Triumfo International GmbH. We are an trade show booth builder in USA, Germany, and all Europe . Stand builder offer the buying option, as well as exhibition stand rentals. Triumfo also offer trade show assistance. Contact us right away, and exhibit in Germany.

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