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Pool Games Non-Swimmer Adults Can Enjoy

Water is the only refuge during the long summer days of extremely high temperatures and scorching heat. Showering cannot be compared to enjoying long hours in the pool. You will immediately feel hot after stepping out of the shower, but spending time in the pool will cool you down for hours. However, you might dread getting into the pool if you are a non-swimmer adult.

Even if you do not know how to swim, you do not need to feel scared of getting into the pool. Some pools are only enough deep that an adult can stand with their head above water. So, you will not face any major issues and can play a few pool games easily, even if you are unprepared to swim. You can head to professional facilities and use expert help if you want to try swimming too.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on the pool games non-swimmer adults can enjoy and plan a pool day with friends and family.

Top 6 Pool Games for Non-Swimmer Adults

There is no better pass time in the summer than heading to the pool. However, the non-swimmer adults believe it has nothing much to offer them, which is not true. You can play various games and make the most of your time, along with enjoy the company of your friends or family.

Here are some of the major pool games non-swimmer adults can explore and enjoy.

1. Pool Basketball

Pool basketball is the first and foremost game for non-swimmer adults. The game is not any different from regular basketball and has the same rules and conditions. The only difference is that the basketball hoop is adjusted on a little higher end of the pool instead of a tall pole on the ground. Make your teams and take turns throwing the ball into the hoop; the team with more points will be the winner. Prepare for a few falls in the pool, just in case.

2. Pool Volleyball

The next pool game for the non-swimmer adults is pool volleyball. This particular game is also the same as the one you play on the ground surface. You can set up the net in the middle of the pool and divide the players into teams. Position your players perfectly if you do not want to lose. Playing volleyball in the pool has a higher risk of slipping and falling into the water. So, ensure you are prepared for the slip challenge and securing the ball.

3. Tug of War

Tug of war is the most interesting game no matter you play it on the ground or in the pool. You might question if it is even possible to play it in the water, then rest assured it is. You will have to prepare well for the game. Otherwise, you will skip in the water and bring defeat to your team. Keep the necessary first aid tight beside you, just in case anyone gets too injured to need it. Moreover, choose your players wisely, considering their physical strength, if you want to win.

4. Wet Shirt Relay

The wet shirt relay is another interesting pool game for the non-swimmer adults. The rules of the game differ slightly from the one played on the ground. The game is played in the pool with the water level at the chest. The players must grab a shirt, wet it in the water, wear it and move toward the other team member. The team members must pass on the shirt and follow the same before reaching the next one. The team reaching the end in less time will be the winner.

5. Frisbee Float

Frisbee float is another interesting and engaging pool game for non-swimmer adults. The game requires the adults to float a Frisbee on the water surface upside down. Afterward, they will throw small items like ping pong balls on the Frisbee. The time until the Frisbee drowns or turns into the water and the number of items on it matters significantly in assessing the winner. Needless to say, the more items and more time a team secures will be termed the winner.

6. Dolphin Interaction

The last pool game for the non-swimmer adults is the dolphin interaction. You can dance and play with the dolphins and watch them show their tricks. If you cannot get enough of the experience, you can even swim with them and interact more closely. You do not need to worry about not know swimming, as expert trainers will help you out. Grab your swimming with dolphins tickets and head to the nearest facility to enjoy the most memorable experience of your life.

Are you ready to take on the water challenge?

If you are still making up your mind, exploring professional facilities with trainers on board can help you in it. So, get tickets to swimming with dolphin facilities to spend some time with them in the water, and you will feel motivated to take on other challenges too.

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