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Points to Keep in Mind while Cleaning Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Tsur Ben David – Points to Keep in Mind while Cleaning Water-Cooled Heat Exchanger

Around 97% of industrial plants and their water-cool heat exchanger is affected by scale-induced fouling. Depending on the source water quality, scale and bio-film accumulate at different rates. As a result, the effectiveness and life span of the heat exchanger reduced significantly. Luckily, there is an easy way to deal with this issue – regular cleaning. If you do not want to degrade the heat exchange or want to increase the energy (electricity) cost, then keep on reading this post to know the checklist of its cleaning process suggested by a leading name in the water and energy industry – Tsur Ben David.

Let us get started!

  • Remove scale from the heat exchanger

Calcium carbonate is one of the most common minerals set down on the heat exchanger’s water side. You may or may not know but a raw water source contains dissolved concentrations of bicarbonate and calcium. This is the same compound that forms in showerheads, hot water pipes, faucets, etc. To remove it, you will need to use chemicals that can directly attack. In case you want to operate your cooling system free of fouling and scale and try something nature-friendly and chemical-free, you can count on CET Enviro of Tsur Ben David.

  • Always use the right technology

When you are new to the cleaning process of water-cooled heat exchangers, chances are higher that you will end up with inappropriate solutions. For example, some plants use muriatic acid or hydrochloric acid to remove scale or calcium carbonate, that too unsure of the quantity. But the wrong amount can cause serious issues afterward i.e. failure of the water-cooled heat exchanger or degrade chiller life Hence, you should connect with a professional company for this work.

  • Caution note

Knowing the essentials of chemical properties is a must to keep the situations under your control. Additionally, you should know that at the start of the process, the chemicals may cause the foam. Hence, you should keep a close check on the pump and its operation to make sure that it is in the right condition and working properly – Tsur Ben David.

  • Disposing of the used chemicals 

If you truly care for the environment, then it is important to understand how the solution should be disposed of after the process. If you do not do this, it can have an impact on the environment as well as on the heat exchanger. It is always appropriate to opt for a technology that is chemical free and offer sustainable solution to chiller problems

Embrace New Inventions and Technologies

To maintain reliability with the water-cooled heat exchangers, you should ensure that it is well-maintained and cleaned after a regular period. If you want to minimize the efforts, then you are advised to adopt new inventions and technologies. Just imagine, if we hesitate to use the bulb and LED lights over kerosene lamps, then what the present time looks like! It simply means that you should be brave enough to try new inventions and technologies without being scared.

You can get in touch with a prominent company such as CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David to have Automatic Chiller Tube Cleaning systems installed for water-cooled chillers. These can be installed permanently. Since the system operate on the principle of sponge balls, the chiller remains free of fouling and the soft scale if removed before converts to the troublesome hardscale.


A good cleaning system for the water-cooled heat exchanger will surely need some capital for investment. Systems such as ACCS – Automatic Tube Cleaning system – is value effective and come with minimum ROI. To find more solutions to remove scale and eliminate the fouling issue, connect with a good company that can offer nature-friendly systems. You can also count on Tsur Ben David and his leading team to discuss the same.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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