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Microsoft 365 advantages and disadvantages

The 10 biggest benefits of Microsoft 365

  • Very extensive functionality. Microsoft 365 is actually both a server and a workplace in the cloud. The server handles your company email, securely stores your documents and provides a collaborative collaboration and communication portal. The workplace consists of all associated apps such as Outlook and Office Online, Teams and Sharepoint Team Sites.
  • Accessibility. You can use your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac to work with all the functions of Microsoft 365 with SharePoint development.
  • Limited investments in hardware and software. If you wanted to realize all of the above functionality in the (recent) past, the only option was to purchase a server and associated software, backup and installation services: From price (roughly) €10,000
  • Attractive rates. In the pre-Microsoft 365 era, and still today, there were many providers of so-called hosted email servers, you had limited storage space (1GB for example) and paid about €25 per month for a hosted mailbox. Now you pay just over €10 per month for a 50GB mailbox, a full Office package, a terabyte of file storage, shared Sharepoint storage, Teams and much more. Unbelievable value for money!
  • Stability, Backup and Security . Microsoft and a Microsoft 365 partner take care of everything for you, Microsoft takes care of all the infrastructure and your Office support partner arranges it for you, manages it, and helps you with questions.
  • Spam and virus protection . E-mail is scanned by excellent software and is immediately blocked, or if in doubt delivered to the ‘Junk E-mail’ folder of the end user, so that they can immediately check whether the email has not been incorrectly marked as spam without going to a separate quarantine portal. having to go.
  • Compatibility . Microsoft 365 works seamlessly with the Office applications without the need for additional connectors or plug-ins, for example, employees can save documents directly via Word or Excel in the cloud.
  • Mix and match subscriptions . For example, organizations can take out a Microsoft 365 subscription for only email or documents for certain users.
  • Central document and information management. Administrators have control over central data. This way they can manage the data structure and assign permissions. This is in contrast to Gsuite, for example, where the end user is often responsible for this.
  • Extensive ‘Team Site’ functionality . With Microsoft 365 Sharepoint you can build an attractive and highly functional intranet or project site quite easily

The 5 biggest drawbacks of Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 support is sympathetic but is often in English, engineers call from other time zones and it can take a long time before the problem is with the right person.
  • Microsoft 365 backup has its limitations. An external backup solution can largely overcome this. See also our article on Microsoft 365 backup. This is easy to cover by having invoicing done by a reseller such as Cumulus IT.
  • Microsoft 365 OneDrive has undergone an enormous development in recent years, a few years ago it was very unreliable. Now the reliability has improved enormously, but it is not yet at the level of, for example, Dropbox, OneDrive does offer many more options such as management of permissions and OneDrive on Demand (see also below).
  • Microsoft 365 app integrations . Microsoft 365 does not yet have as many app integrations as, for example, GSuite, which has a very extensive app library, but in recent years Microsoft has increasingly focused on the outside world and links with it.

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