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POCO X4 GT: What is the best smartphone with MediaTek Dimension 8100?

The POCO X4 GT’s primary goal is to be a stylish smartphone with a powerful MediaTek processor.

In this situation, gaining the user’s confidence is essential. The consumer has to examine the MediaTekDimensity 8100 chip and comprehend its entire capability for the widest range of functions in a device. However, this paradigm is not solely based on this technological consideration.

A smartphone proposition is in front of us, and the technological elements that support it could surprise you. Everything points to this model being among the finest values available for 2022.

We’re going to highlight the key characteristics of the POCO X4 GT in this article. Who knows, you could persuade yourself to make this phone your next pick for daily tasks.

The big bet on the MediaTekDimensity 8100 processor

The MediaTekDimensity 8100 CPU, one of the most anticipated in a year when hardware scarcity is evident and adding to the complexity of the technological environment, is the major attraction of the POCO X4 GT.

The MediaTekDimensity 8100 is a more than worthy pick. After all, one of the most potent and effective processors on the market is the chip produced by TSMC using a 5-nanometer technology.

The MediaTekDimensity 8100 may provide one of the finest energy efficiency among smartphones in its category, in addition to providing above-average performance equivalent to some of the top CPUs on the market. And for many users, having a phone that can operate without a charger for at least a day is essential.

Numerous international publications confirm that this MediaTek CPU performs well for a variety of smartphone applications, including gaming in a realistic and useful environment for the user. As a result, the POCO X4 GT raises high hopes for fulfilling the demands of this user base.

An LCD screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate

The screen of the POCO X4 GT is another feature that may play a significant differentiating role.

One of the greatest LCD panels on the market, according to POCO, will be included in this model. For this, it provides the refresh rate of 144 Hz for the first time on a product from the brand, which is above average for a product in its category, even when models with supposedly better hardware are taken into consideration.

Any smartphone should have a high screen refresh rate since this feature will allow for a more fluid display of operating system and user interface components, running android games, and movies that will be played on the same screen.

By doing this, the user has a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling user experience, which improves their opinion of the device’s optimum performance. Not many gadgets in your price range can provide that, therefore it is a benefit.

Other features of the POCO X4 GT

The POCO X4 GT’s key selling points are its CPU and display. The pleasant user experience that the gadget promises to give is, however, complemented by additional technological aspects.

For instance, the model will include internal storage that complies with the UFS 3.1 standard and RAM that adheres to the LPDDR5 standard. We’re talking about some of the quickest technologies now available for quicker program execution and smoother, more fluid read/write data.

With a charger included with the sales kit and a 5,080 mAh battery that is compatible with the 67W rapid charging system, the gadget may be recharged at record speed. Its triple camera setup includes a 64 MP back sensor and a 20 MP sensor for the front camera. Highlights in terms of communication include Bluetooth 5.3, USB-C 2.0, NFC, and WiFi 802.11 6.

Final considerations

Users seeking the finest cost-benefit ratio in a smartphone have high hopes for the POCO X4 GT model.

The MediaTekDimensity 8100 CPU is a highly promising chip for the key functions of a smartphone, therefore the gamble is more than warranted. This more fluid user experience should be well complemented by the 144 Hz screen, increasing the likelihood of improved device performance.

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Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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