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Plant-Based Gift Baskets

People who adore plants have become much more popular in this day and age than ever before. A love for all things botanical was inspired by the pandemic, and it has yet to fade. Many people have a vision now, involving beautiful greenery and organic items. Sales of plant-based alternatives soared, along with sales of succulents. Natural food and decor are trendy. Chances are, you know someone who is into it. If a special occasion is coming up, or if you simply want to send a thoughtful gesture to someone who appreciates such things, we have come up with a list of the perfect items for a gift basket.

There is no shame in a bouquet of flowers, but for plant-lovers, a houseplant is definitely the wiser choice. They are low-maintenance, subtle, and strikingly green, which is a natural improvement to any mood. Choosing a houseplant may prove difficult, however. You may not know what your friend’s house looks like, and thus the natural light they may have access to. You may also not know how dedicated your friend is to keeping plants alive. This challenge, however, is easily solved. A list of the best plants to gift your loved one can be found below. And for an extra special touch, you should customize or make certain the pot or plant is cute, unique, and fun.

One of the best plants to include in your gift basket is the Calathea, nicknamed the Medallion. Calatheas are visually attractive, with a stately shade of green. Colorful and ornate, they will add something special to the interior design of any home. A perk is that they also thrive on moderate light, so if you don’t know whether your friend’s home receives a ton of natural light, this is the perfect addition to the gift basket in Toronto. With a beautiful look and texture, your friend will be ecstatic. The underside of the leaves is also purple, which is incredibly unique and pleasing to the eye. Calatheas, in addition to being nicknamed the Medallion, are also nicknamed prayer plants. This is because, like hands folded in prayer, the leaves will open and close throughout the day. Your friend will eventually discover this cute surprise, and will certainly appreciate the plant all the more. Plus, they only need to water it once every seven to ten days. And if your friend is a pet-owner, calatheas are completely safe around animals.

If your friend has no experience with plants, the sansevieria plant is an excellent choice for your gift basket. Commonly known as the snake plant, it is described as indestructible. It is also a great booster for your friend’s self-esteem, because it is almost impossible to kill it. Therefore, they will find more confidence within themselves to take care of any future plants. Plus, the snake plant, unlike other plants, releases oxygen at all times instead of just during photosynthesis. This will greatly improve the air quality of your friend’s home. So not only are they easy to maintain, but your friend’s health will generally improve with the addition of the snake plant to their home. The snake plant is not a burden but a great asset, especially to your loved one’s quality of life.

Whether your friend is a beginner at being a plant-owner, or if they are just simply not home very much, another great plant is the ZZ plant. For travelers or workers with long hours, this is perfect. The ZZ plant has to only be watered once a month. Because this particular type of plant is native to Africa, it is used to long periods of flood and drought. Therefore, your friend can spend long periods of time away without worrying about the plant’s health. Or, if your friend is simply forgetful, the plant’s low-maintenance status will ensure its longevity nonetheless. The ZZ plant fits very well with a soft aesthetic. It has glossy, deep-green leaves, and is guaranteed to brighten any space. They can also thrive without direct sunlight, so they can be placed anywhere. Out of all the plants in the gift basket, this one would be best suited to an office space, which may see very little sunlight at all.

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