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Features Of iTop Private Browser


If you want to browse the Internet safely, then the iTop private browser will help you very much. This browser allows all users to browse the Internet with maximum privacy. It can stop hackers or trackers from tracking your online activity and prevent cybercrime from stealing passwords. If you want to prevent internet scams, then you should use this secure browser. On the other hand, the iTop private browser protects your privacy from multiple aspects. There is identity masking to prevent any site or program from tracking, collecting, and sharing your data for commercial purposes. You will be impressed by its automatic cleaning of online information all the time. To know more about some interesting features of this private browser, then read this article carefully.

iTop Private Browser:

iTop private browser is full of outstanding features that are well-known for anti-phishing. There are many blocks of malicious websites, that are created to access data to deal with potential online threats. There are many people, who suffer from continuously identifying and restricting harmful URLs with the updated database with built-in anti-phishing protection service. iTop private browser will help them to protect their privacy with the best VPN browser service. There is an auto track destroyer that can stop trying to manually delete cookies when you stop browsing the internet. You can browse the Internet with the auto-tracking shredder by this browser. It can clear the browsing history, search history, cookies, caches, and the like to remove traces and prevent privacy leaks. You will get fingerprint protection to identify that cannot be deleted. This browser VPN employs fingerprint protection to prevent fingerprints from disguising your identity online. If you want to optimize network schemes, this browser can help you greatly speed up your Internet connection. For this reason, you can browse, view, and download content from websites easily and smoothly. On the other hand, page load time is drastically improved, as annoying ads are blocked.

iTop Private Browser has a built-in VPN browser to hide your real IP address and bypass geo-restriction to unblock sites. If you are looking for the best free and secure browser, then you should choose this browser as your first choice. It beats Opera Browser with more than one free server and location to choose from. This browser is designed as a free VPN browser. It takes full advantage of the virtual private network to encrypt data, evades surveillance, and defend against any online threat. Users will get quick access to restricted content anywhere,  such as easily unblocking Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., bypassing geo-blocking and other restrictions. As a private web browser, it has a built-in browser VPN. It hides your identity and protects your privacy online and changes another IP address to browse content anonymously. iTop private browser collects your information such as browsing history, username, password, or more. Nothing will be exposed online if you install this browser.  


At the last step of this article, we can say that the iTop private browser is very essential in this hacking situation. We need to ensure extra privacy to protect our private section. This browser has obvious advantages over other commonly that is used private web browsers in some aspects. This browser is a secure browser for helping you browse any content privately and anonymously. 

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