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Pillow Covers and Mattress Protectors – More Important Than You Think

Anyone who has had a long and tiring day at work will tell you the importance of a comfortable and inviting bedroom. Many of us have skipped a few times when it comes to purchasing suitable bedding in favor of decor for our halls and galleries, as the bedroom is not important to make a good impression on our guests. In our shallow reasoning, we failed to realize that relaxing bedroom furniture is so important to our well-being that it affects all aspects of our lives, including the social. In recent years, it has become a trend to buy bed accessories in bulk, especially among hotel and rest home owners. And even if you bought your duvet cover from a retailer, it’s a good idea to extend its life. Fortunately, wholesale mattress protectors, cotton pillow protector and covers have become widely available worldwide and – due to the internet boom of the last decade – online.

Hygiene has become an important factor in where we sleep –

We spend at least a quarter of our lives sleeping, and as such, medical research has shown that bedding is an ideal place to shelter allergens such as dust mites, bacteria and dust particles. makes the careless sleeper extremely prone to allergies or infections. Mattress protectors, which are essentially mattress-sized envelopes made of fabric or plastic, have not only helped prolong the life of many good mattresses by creating a protective buffer between the top layer of the mattress and the mattress, but have also protected the sleeper from potential allergens. They make their home in layers of mattresses. During the life of a mattress, you may have discovered sweat stains on it – a mattress protector is meant to keep sweat from your body from reaching the mattress. As with many other bedding accessories, cotton got its name because of its combination of quality, durability and absorbency. However, in recent years, mattresses have started to be made from cheaper materials such as polyurethane and nylon. These have not gained much popularity as they are not good at absorbing body heat.

Pillow protectors and covers were used in a similar way to bed covers.

However, their visibility and direct contact with the sleeper’s head has caused many to attach more importance to them than mattress protectors. Pillow covers made of cotton have existed for ages, along with those made of silk and velvet. Here, too, cotton has become a favorite for its comfort, durability, and ability to absorb heat and moisture. Silk and velvet were preferred by those who wanted a luxurious touch in their beds. Pillow protectors made of artificial fiber are also available but are not recommended due to heat retention issues.

You’ve spent a third of your life in bed,

so choosing the right protector not only keeps your mattresses and pillows in pristine condition, but is also beneficial for your health as it will help keep dust mites, bedbugs, allergens, bacteria, and more. worse things from invading bedding. You should look at your specific needs first. Whether you or a family member suffers from bed bugs, dust mites, asthma, allergies, incontinence, children’s bedwetting, or you want peace of mind knowing your mattress is clean, hygienic and spotless.

Quilted protector: They have a quilted patterned top,

usually made of a cotton and polyester blend, and are cotton-poly filled inside, made for mattresses and pillows. They come in different thicknesses for comfort and price. You can get them in fitted or strappy styles, which is also a price factor. Generally, most quilt protectors are not waterproof, so there is no barrier to allergens or liquids from damaging mattresses and pillows. If you prefer the feel of a thicker quilted protector, you may have to search to find them, although there are some quilted waterproof protectors on the market.

Towel waterproof protectors:

 The towel protector is the most common waterproof protector you can find on the market. They have an absorbent terry top and a waterproof membrane backing, and they usually come in fitted style. It is a much thinner protector than the quilted type, as it has no filling for mattresses and pillow protector. They will protect the top of the bed. These are excellent protectors if you have problems with incontinence or bedwetting, as they will protect your mat by preventing the absorption of liquids and allergens.

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