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Paper Books Linked To Stronger Readers in an International Study

Living in a digital world makes us forget about standard learning ways. Today, students prefer to read digital books instead of paper books. Well, why not because the whole education sector shifted to online learning? There is no doubt that online learning has many benefits, from low cost to flexibility. However, it took one vital thing from many modern students, book reading. Students these days are not curious in reading books. Even online learning offers such flexibilities that a student can hire Dissertation Help Online services and ask them to complete their final research.

When academics are settled at your fingertips with the help of money, why would you spend time reading books? Sadly, most students learn through e-books and digital content. However, a recent study stated that paper books are vital for students because they make them strong readers. If you want to know how paper books are crucial, read the remaining post.

Importance of Papers Books

Many students believe digital learning and e-books are helpful and the future of education. On the other hand, some people say that traditional learning is vital to make a good ground for students. It contains book reading, manual work, assignments, essays, group projects, and final assessments. No doubt, these things are vital to make students knowledgeable. Not that only, some academic researchers led an international study across around 30 countries, which showed that paper book reading makes a strong reader.

Students who read paper books are more likely to perform better than the ones who do not read books at all or read digital content. The difference is visible in grades, academic performance, and the flexible mindset of students. Besides, in 2018, students who used to read paper books scored about 50 points higher than normal students in PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). On the other hand, students who used to learn from digital content scored just 16 points higher than normal students.

The above studies and info show that paper books are vital for students and enhance their academic performance. Besides, there are many benefits that can prove paper books can be better for your brain. If you are curious to know about these benefits, below are some of them.

You Absorb More Information

Students who read textbooks absorb more data in less time and for a longer time-period than readers of e-books. A 2014 study in Italy proved this fact, in case you consider it a hoax. Not that only, when the researchers compared readers of e-books and paper books, they found that textbook readers had enhanced understanding of the narrative, empathy, and engagement. The reason behind this could possibly be the effect of paper book reading. Thus, paper books are considered a better option than any digital content.

Paper Books Turn Us into Better Readers

Although, reading is good, no matter the type you prefer. However, when it comes to the comparison of e-books and paper books, things get puzzling. Textbooks are ideal for long-time memorization, high engagement, and less distraction. These things are vital when we sit down to read. Luckily, paper book readers enjoy having all these qualities.  

Besides, in the growing age of children, paper books play a vital role in making them better readers. A study recently stated that young children have low comprehension of the story when read through e-books. The study said it happens due to the distractions electronic devices have, as they make the children harder to focus. Thus, it simply hints that e-books offer less engagement rates to children and affect their comprehension abilities negatively.

Easy On the Eyes

These days, everything happens digitally. Whether you work or study, you spend most of the day watching your laptop or smartphone screen. However, to keep your eyes working fine, you should give them rest by staying away from light-emitting screens. Sadly, when you have to study from e-books and online classes, people tend to use their smartphones and laptops, no matter the cost. It is scientifically proved that staring at a computer screen causes eyes to strain. Therefore, if students these days have strained eyes, it is most probably due to reading digitally.

Besides, reading through e-books can cause screen fatigue that later on will turn into blurry vision. Most people also complain of redness, dryness, and irritation in the eyes after watching their smartphone o laptop’s screen for a long. Luckily, if you read paper books, you will not face any of these issues.

Fewer Distractions

Smartphones and laptops are themselves a big distraction for people. Inside them, you can find many types of distractions, such as a message from a friend, a notification from social media, or a sudden link to breaking news while reading an e-book. In simple words, it is very easy for a smartphone or laptop to distract us. That is why e-books are not preferable to textbooks.

Also, digital readers have the flaw of spending time finding the keywords. For example, most e-book or digital content readers skip the whole content and jump to the main point to understand things quickly. This way, they skip the part about honing their reading ability. There is no doubt that the internet helps us find the info digitally about anything in seconds. However, when it comes to reading, there is no competition for paper books.


Digital learning or working offers numerous benefits, which is true. Students these days can enroll in their favorite foreign school just by sitting at home and earning a degree. Also, they can even hire Dissertation Help Online services and ask them to complete their final research. It saves them months or even years of effort. Excellent, right? However, skipping the use of traditional learning ways has some drawbacks, such as low comprehension abilities. That is why we should keep using paper books and other traditional learning methods.  

Besides, I hope this post showed you how paper books are better than e-books and digital content. There is no comparison of paper books in any sense. Thus, I suggest keeping reading textbooks to hone your reading and understanding skills.

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