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5 best web hosting control panels for Alma & Rocky Linux

Here we discuss the 5 best web hosting control panels for Alma and Rocky Linux.

  1. ZesleCP
  2. aaPanel 
  3. CyberPanel 
  4. Vesta Control Panel
  5. Control Web Panel (CWP)
  1. ZesleCP

ZesleCP is a lightweight, free, and feature-rich web hosting control panel, while there is also paid software available. Version 3. x series is the most recent release with an LTS and will be supported through December 31, 2030. ZesleCP is an excellent choice among developers because it natively supports PHP versions 8.0 and 8.1. With the exception of v3.1.13, which is only available for Ubuntu OS, ZesleCP versions from v3.1.15 support Ubuntu, CentOS, AlmaLinux, and RockyLinux.

In the world of Linux, control panels are extremely significant. This is because the user has a GUI via which he can install, configure, and update broadly programs and modules as well as perform all administrative functions.

ZesleCP Changelog: https://zeslecp.com/changelog/

Features of the ZesleCP Control Panel:

I’ll give a brief overview of the really cool features in version v3.x.

  • New terminal support for web browsers.
  • You can offer access to specific directories through the installation of an unlimited number of FTP accounts.
  • Support for chroot-ed shells was added in order to offer a secure and protected shell environment.
  • Has ConfigServer Security & Firewall, which provides advanced firewall security.
  • Support for PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 has been added.
  • Upgraded domain name authentication.
  • Under Server Status, a button has been added to restart failing services.
  • The renewal procedure and Let’s Encrypt SSL installer have both been improved in version 3.1.x.
  • Has a new upgrade command that makes changing between versions simple.
  • It includes an established WHMCS Module for monitoring user accounts.
  • The upgraded version now has package, reseller, and user endpoint API functionality.
  • For user password management, a Roundcube password plugin was added.
  • ZesleCP’s cron scheduler has been improved.
  • Create, manage, and download file and database backups using the backup wizard.
  1. aaPanel

A web-based GUI control panel, the aaPanel is free and open-source and is used to handle hosting services including websites, databases, Docker containers, Cron, Python projects, the mail server, Google Cloud, and AWS integration, among others. Installing LANMP/LAMP (Linux Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP), OpenLiteSpeed with just a click is simple with aaPanel.

The aaPanel control panel’s additional features include:

  • Free security add-on that makes the use extremely secure.
  • Server resource management in real-time.
  • It works across platforms.
  • It comes with a potent online editor.
  • Scheduling tasks, like backing up databases and websites, is quite simple.
  • Administration of files
  • It consumes incredibly few system resources and is lightweight.

System prerequisites

You need the following system specifications in order to use this guide:

  • Memory with 512MB or more. advised 768 MB
  • 100 MB or more free on a hard drive
  • Without PHP, MySQL, or Nginx installed, use Rocky Linux 8 or AlmaLinux 8.
  1. CyberPanel

An OpenLite Speed-based free and open-source Web manager is called CyberPanel. One may quickly set up websites from a cloud provider of their choice, such as Digital Ocean, Amazon, etc., using CyberPanel.

The following characteristics of CyberPanel contribute to its popularity:

  • Now required for all web properties, one-click SSL Let’s Encrypt SSL for Websites makes it simple to issue certificates.
  • WordPress can be installed automatically or with just one click.
  • WordPress sites automatically configure LiteSpeed caching for WordPress.
  • With the option to set OWASP rules, the Modsecurity utility offers built-in support for real-time defense against web application threats.
  • It is simple to deploy code updates directly from your repos via webhooks thanks to Git Manager support, which allows you to attach git repositories to your CyberPanel websites.
  • Supports A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF, SOA, and SRV record types in a lightweight DNS server.
  • It has Rainloop Webmail, which uses Postfix and dovecot to send and receive emails.
  • Most tasks in the control panel interface can be completed using the command line interface (CLI), which is a good option for people who feel more at ease working in a terminal.

Setup requirements

  • Installed are Rocky Linux 8 and Alma Linux 8.
  • Users with Sudo privileges
  • 1024 MB of RAM or more
  • 10 GB of storage
  1. Vesta Control Panel

VestaCP is a web control panel that adheres to open-source principles and is appropriate for use with web hosting. There are many features that increase security, and it uses cutting-edge technologies. 

With modest system requirements, the lightweight Web hosting control panel functions without any issues. easier control that, thanks to its cutting-edge GUI, makes jobs easier than ever. Sysadmin activities are made simpler, from database creation to website and email maintenance in one location.

  1. Control Web Panel (CWP)

Open-source software called CentOS Web Panel assists customers in managing Web hosting effectively and efficiently.

Similar to Cpanel/WHM, CWP Panel has separate access for admin web access and user panel access, and there is no charge. 

The official websites for Control Web Panel give us a web address for an installation script that would automate the installation of CWP Panel and take between 30 and 60 minutes.

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