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Orthopadie & Sportorthopadie Munchen

If you suffer from osteoporosis, you can find useful information on the Internet. There are websites dedicated to symptomatic treatment and to information about the causes of this condition. In addition, there are sites that deal with dietary advice. This is especially important if you are a vegetarian. If you are allergic to some foods, you might also benefit from a site devoted to allergy information.


If your wrist is on the fritz, then a visit to your favorite surgeon might be in order. Luckily, there are a number of orthopaedic centers around town. MVZ, in particular, is a well-established provider of state-of-the-art orthopaedic care. The centre offers a broad selection of the most effective and cost-effective treatments for patients of all ages. The center has a modern and comfortable environment where patients can receive the best possible attention, as well as the finest in-house catering.

The main office is located at the heart of the district, a short stroll to the nearest railway station and the best hotel in the area. In addition, the centre boasts a number of multi-lingual nurses, all backed by a top-notch medical team and a dedicated reception area. The medical staff is both professional and friendly. The practice also utilises a streamlined ambulatory care system, allowing for a swift and efficient visit.


Orthopadie is a medical specialty dedicated to treating disorders of the movement system. It involves both conservative treatment methods and operative techniques. Surgical procedures are not necessary for many injuries. Instead, conservative treatment methods can be applied to treat pain in the muscles, bones, and joints.

The most important aspects of treating an injury are an accurate diagnosis and an individual treatment plan. The patient’s age, anatomy, and biological features should be taken into account. It is also essential to find the right doctor.

The orthopaede-muc.de offers modern diagnosis and treatment. It provides all kinds of orthopadic treatment, including endoprothesenoperations and whole body therapy. It is also specialized in orthopadic pain management and treatment.

Non-operative methods of orthopadic treatment include Chirotherapy, Acupunkturpoints, and stosswellen. These methods help reduce pain and blockades in the movement system. Acupoints are small, fine needles that are placed on energy pathways. They last for 25 minutes and can be repeated once or twice a week.

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The new practice Orthopadie & Sportorthopadie Munchen (OSP Munchen) opened in August 2018. It is a multidisciplinary practice and provides a full range of treatments for orthopedic problems. The practice has a team of doctors who specialize in open surgery, arthroscopy, and endprothetik. Surgical treatment is personalized and the patient as a whole is at the center of the clinic.

The focus is on non-operative treatment and the movement system. For this, a basic diagnosis is followed by a therapy plan. The doctor will also make a follow-up visit to ensure that all treatment goals are being met. It is also possible to schedule appointments online.

OSP Munchen offers the latest in treatment options. The team specializes in arthroscopy and offers follow-up care for patients. Upon diagnosis, the doctor will recommend a course of action to get the patient back on his or her feet. It is also important to know that the surgeons use innovative therapies to help treat the patient.

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