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Online Sales Kick-Off Meeting Ideas for 2023.

When the world shifted virtually, the main concern of businesses operating remotely was to stay connected with their employees, carry out their regular meetings and procedures virtually, and host their meetings through the internet. Since the corporate world has several components, one of the most important of them is the sales kick-off meeting. In this blog, we will discuss everything about sales kick off and why one should host a virtual sales kick-off. 

Here, we will talk about sales kick off, the tips to host sales kick off, and what are the tools that you should keep in mind while hosting a virtual sales kick off. 

Virtual Sales Kick Off

When we talk about the meaning of virtual sales kick off, you can define them as the meetings that an organization hosts to bring together the entire sales team of that organization. The intent behind hosting virtual sales kick off is to share updates. Not only this, the objectives behind them is to analyze performances, set new targets, and make new strategies. Along with it, these meetings bring all the salespeople of a company together. It enables them to interact with each other, connect and motivate each other. 

The regular sales kick off is hosted at a physical venue. However, the online sales kickoff meetings are hosted on platforms for virtual events. Online sales kick off meetings became popular during the time of the pandemic. It was when the world moved completely online, and remote working became the only feasible option in hand. 

As every other meeting and event has its objective and significance, online sale kick off meetings also have one. They are hosted to make the sales team feel valued, inspired, motivated, and appreciated. They get acknowledged and appreciated in front of their colleagues, which motivates them further to do better in the profession. 

Advantages of Online Sales Kick Off Meetings

  1. They are more efficient than their in-person counterparts as they enable them to save money and can be planned and hosted in no time. 
  1. It is very common and natural for people to forget information within weeks and months. Hence, if you host a physical sales kick off, once your event gets over, it is completely over, and there is no way the attendees and speakers can go back to the event to extract the information. However, in the case of virtual SKO, one can always get back to the recording of the meeting and access the important information and data shared during the meeting. There are various platforms for virtual event that come with a recording feature that helps the organizers record their entire meeting. 
  1. Virtual sales kickoff meetings are more interactive since several platforms for virtual events come with tools such as live chat, live polls, Q&A, surveys, etc. Not only this, but several tools also offer real-time analytics to the organizers. They can use this tool to measure and quantify the success of their meetings. 

Creative Virtual Sales Kickoff Ideas for 2023

Talking about the sales kickoff ideas, some of the most popular ideas you can count on are described below: 

  1. Pop Up the Champagne

Who doesn’t like to hear some words of appreciation? We are sure your team will also like it. Hence, you can also host an award ceremony for your sales team. You can appreciate them for what they have done in the past quarter. It will motivate them to do better in their field. Not only this, but it will also motivate their colleagues to reach that milestone and do better in their respective fields also. Raise a toast to your winners, to the nominees, and to your entire sales team. 

  1. Send Goodie Bags

The next popular idea to make your sales team excited for the online sales kick off is sending them goodie bags. You can add some invitations, merchandise, and other things to the bag. It is a great way to make your team feel valued, special, and included. Not only this, it will keep your sales team on their toes. It will infuse excitement among all of them for the upcoming sales kick off. 

  1. Team Lunch

You can always have a celebratory lunch with your team and make them feel appreciated. Team lunches are always special as they enable people to interact with each other beyond work. It goes without saying that these lunches are a great way to bring everyone together. Also, they will help in boosting team spirit among everyone on the team. You can take it to a virtual event platform, where you all will connect and have lunch together. To make it more exciting, you can sponsor the lunch for you and your team members. 

  1. Virtual Comedy Show

The next and probably one of the best ideas to give your sales team a break from their monotony and bring them to smiling is hosting a virtual comedy show. You can never go wrong with a comedy show. Even if you cannot come together to host a physical comedy show, you can always do that over a virtual event platform. You can invite a stand-up comedian to entertain you all. Else, you can also ask your team members to unleash their hidden talents in front of everybody. There is nothing better than laughing with your colleagues. And it will give you and your teammates the opportunity to share laughter together and get their minds off work for some time. 

Sales kickoffs are one of the most important events in any kind of organization, especially in the corporate industry. These meetings bring the entire sales department of an organization together. They are a great way to motivate employees, discuss goals and strategies, and so much more. 

Apart from discussing strategies and objectives, sales kick off boosts a sense of team bonding among the team members. Not only this, they help the team members get their minds off the workload for some time. To host a virtual sales kick off meeting, you need to have a virtual platform that comes with all the functionalities and tools that help you deliver immersive experiences. Since there are several platforms available in the market, you need to make a clear choice and select the platform wisely. 

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