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OneTouch EMR – An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) App

Onetouch EMR is an electronic medical record software application that is designed by a physician, and it is free. It is a SaaS offering, with several support channels for customers. The platform also includes a system that replaces the fax machine with an electronic document exchange.

Free EMR app designed by a physician

If you’re looking for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) app, One Touch EMR is a great choice. It is cloud-based and features a user-friendly interface.

The free OneTouch EMR app has been designed by a physician to provide users with a seamless healthcare experience. Patients can submit medical forms and medications online, and physicians can record and communicate with patients.

This open source EMR software can be used on PC, iOS devices, and a variety of other operating systems. It is ideal for small to midsize practices. It is also highly customizable.

A user-friendly interface, powerful scheduling, and detailed charting make AdvancedMD a good option. The price is a bit higher than some other EMRs, however. Some users have reported unexpected billings.

Another free EMR, Kareo, is easy to implement and affordable. However, it may not be the best choice for larger practices.

The free eHealth365 software is a web-based EMR that is compatible with a wide range of devices. In addition, it has been designed to facilitate patient engagement and meet daily practice management needs.

SaaS subscription offering

A SaaS subscription offering such as OneTouch EMR can be a boon to a practice. For starters, it provides access to patient data on the go, via any modern web browser. This may not seem like a big deal, but you can find the software on many platforms, including Mac and PC. The software is also capable of importing Practice Fusion data, a cloud-based practice management solution. Besides, it is a lot cheaper to purchase a subscription than it is to hire a consultant.

Its main draw is its impressive list of features, which includes clinical quality measures, documentation, e-Rx, scheduling, and many other tasks you would normally leave for the receptionist to handle. What’s more, OneTouch EMR can be integrated with other practice management software and billing solutions, ensuring that all your practice data is in one centralized location. As such, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing data, as well as wasting time doing mundane tasks.

Kno2 platform replaces faxing with electronic document exchange

With a Kno2 platform, healthcare providers can easily exchange patient documents. This makes document exchange more affordable and secure.

The Kno2 platform also allows standardized data retrieval across domains. Its Interoperability as a Service turns on connectivity among millions of healthcare providers.

Healthcare organizations and providers often have different EHR platforms. Often, this causes a challenge in sharing patient information. By using a Kno2 platform, healthcare organizations can quickly narrow the number of providers they collaborate with, making it easier to provide high quality, value-based care.

For healthcare organizations and providers, faxing is an old way of exchanging documents. Electronic faxing is more secure and efficient, and it can replace the manual process of exchanging PHI.

Fax machines have been around since the 1960s, and they are still used widely. In today’s modern healthcare industry, however, new technology is replacing faxing.

The Kno2 Cloud Fax solution aggregates a digital document exchange directory, providing a more efficient, secure, and scalable alternative to faxing. The service ensures that critical patient information is delivered to the right provider at the right time, with a greater level of interoperability than ever before.

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Multiple support channels

Onetouch EMR is a comprehensive software package that includes lab orders, document management, and appointment reminders. It also offers phone and online chat support. It can be provided as a standalone product or it can be integrated with a variety of practice management systems. In addition, the system is Meaningful Use compliant and ONC-ATCB certified.

Multi-channel support is a customer service strategy that enables you to provide your customers with the ability to choose the contact method that is most convenient for them. This can help you increase your customer retention and satisfaction. As a result, your customers are more likely to buy your products and services.

Support channels can be anything from an email to a video. They all give your customers different types of information. Customers want a fast and effective way to get their questions answered. Your customers can also use a knowledge base, if they prefer not to talk to a live representative.

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