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Introduction to Cookery and the Classes of Professional Cookery

Cookery is the art of making food for consumption by using heat. In a changing world, cookery is defined as the art and technology of preparing food with the required skills. In French, the word ‘cuisine’ means the art of preparing dishes. You need to know the ingredients, decision-making, and skills to make food. Many students pursue cookery as their career. But find it difficult to complete assignments due to involvement in practical work. Therefore, they search for cookery assignment help to avoid a negative impact on their academics.

Three Classes of Professional Cookery

  • Plain Cookery: To prepare dishes with the help of proper knowledge with minimum ingredients.
  • Cuisine Bourgeoise: You need to use better raw materials to make dishes of better quality in this type of cooking.
  • High Standard Cookery: In this type of cooking, you need to prepare dishes of the best quality.

Set of Qualities and Behaviours, you should follow in Kitchen

  • You should have a Positive Attitude Towards Your job: To be a good cook, you should love cooking. A chef with a positive attitude can do work efficiently and safely.
  • Staying Fit and Healthy: If you are working as a food service personnel, you must require good health, physical and mental strength, and especially enthusiasm to work for longer hours.
  • Willingness to Learn: The food service sector is changing rapidly. You will get to know many new things daily. You should have that eagerness to learn new things for your betterment.
  • Proper Care of Equipment: You need to treat kitchen utensils as if they are your own, even if it does not belong to you. It would be best if you took care of all the utensils.
  • Proper Safety in Working Place: kitchens can be dangerous places. Do use a knife properly while cutting vegetables, and keep a distance from gas stoves.

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General Kitchen Hygiene Tips

  • Personal Hygiene: Food service personnel should always bathe daily. You must have to wear clean clothes and a uniform. Do not need to work if suffering from any infectious disease.
  • Clean Hands: Before working: You must always wash your hands before cooking. It would be best to wash every utensil—use clean handkerchiefs or tissues every time. 
  • Proper Food Handling: You need to know about dry food storage, freezer storage, and hot food storage.

What all Protective Clothing, a Food Service Personnel, Should Wear?

  • Chef Cap
  • Scarf
  • Chef Coat
  • Apron
  • Black or Blue Trousers
  • Ankle-high Shoes

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