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New Geely Binyue Car: How’s the Performance

The next premium crossover SUV from Geely has been spotted online in photos, and it might only go by the name of the Geely Binyue L.

When it comes to design and size, the Geely Binyue car elevates things to a different and more upscale level when compared to the Geely Binyue, also known as the “Proton X50”. And that front end? With that work, it’s difficult to argue.

With the exception of its codename, G426, this new Geely compact SUV has no official designation as of yet. According to a number of Chinese automotive websites, the Binyue L, which would serve as a more expensive alternative to the present Binyue Cool, is quite likely to be given the name.

In order to provide some context, the Binyue L is 130mm longer, 65mm wider, 41mm taller, and has a 101mm longer wheelbase than the Binyue Cool. Because of the front grille’s design, the headlights’ Cadillac-inspired look, and the new Geely emblem, the front fascia should be a clear winner.

A 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 181PS and 290Nm of torque is said to be the engine in the Binyue L’s drivetrain. Additionally, it will be front-wheel-drive and mated to a seven-speed DCT.

Unsure of how the overall design will stack up against vehicles like the present Proton X50 and X70, we can say that we adore the blacked-out roof and the option to have the four exhaust points either lined up at the middle of the “rear diffuser” or divided in half on the sides. Unquestionably more athletic in nature.

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