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Geely Bo Rui GE Car: Feasible Option in a New Technology Era

At the Beijing car show, Geely debuted its new flagship saloon model, and for the first time, it seems that a domestic Chinese automobile may set an example for others to follow by being the one to do so. The Geely Bo Rui GE car, which is pronounced “bow ray,” is the first Geely to come from the new design studios set up by the business’s new head of design, Peter Horbury, who was hired away from Volvo to oversee design at all of Geely’s affiliates, including Lotus and LEVC, the firm that makes the London taxi.

Chinese consumers have also become more sophisticated and mature than ever before, according to Horbury, who also claimed that the new car was not a reflection of Western influence but rather a sign that Chinese tastes are changing. Working to meet the needs of this new generation of vehicle users has helped us evolve into a confident global brand capable of creating segment-leading cars that contain subtly evocative elements from China.

Geely CEO An Conghui stated that the new Geely Bo Riu GE was created as a feasible option in a new technology era when speaking at the vehicle’s unveiling. He claimed that they produce automobiles for people to drive, not collect, rather than creating toys for the wealthy.

The new saloon is only powered by a 1.5-liter engine, either on its own or in a plug-in hybrid configuration with a seven-speed automatic transmission that increases power and decreases fuel consumption.

During a press preview of the car at the Beijing auto show, Peter Horbury revealed that the front and back lights were fashioned after Chinese lanterns and the twist of a gymnast’s ribbon, respectively. The interesting interior, which incorporates a 12-inch touchscreen flat with the dashboard, and the extending Cosmos grille were also introduced by him.

In addition, there are intriguing details like the front doors’ backlit brushed metal trim that reveals a pattern of rectangles at night, which adds drama. A touchscreen smart key is even available as an option for the car, according to Horbury, and can be used to inspect and manage specific features.

In the following three months, the car will be on sale in China, and after that, it will be released in a few other countries.

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