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10 Ways Internet of Things  Can Make Your Restaurant Smarter

What if something goes south in your restaurant’s kitchen, and you can control it from your bed? The Internet of Things (IoT) could help you achieve that to make your restaurant smarter. IoT is meant to connect the simplest of things, such as a juice dispenser, an ice cream machine, or other things you use in your day-to-day cycle.

So if you’re into the restaurant business and want to benefit on top of others, standing out in customer experience, easing, and streamlining operations inside the restaurant is quite important.

As said already, IoT is your solution. Let us discuss how:

10 Ways You Can Benefit from the Internet of Things

These are some of the primary and widely used practices to get your hands full while the restaurant industry sits in its revolutionary phase.

1) Streamlining the Working of Appliances

In a restaurant, the kitchen is filled with numerous appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and coffee brewers, among many others; and they need proper care. Moreover, the employees regularly take readings of the temperatures of the ovens and refrigerators.

Taking manual readings of such temperatures is way too time consuming. Automating these processes would help you in the long run. This way, you can also control the temperature or call for urgent help. A custom IoT development company can help you control these operations from your smartphone or laptop.

2) Ordering Food From the Table

Generally, the number of customers increases during weekends and holidays. As the volume of orders keeps increasing, it is only natural that the servers and managers get busier.

Wouldn’t it be a great solution if the customers get to order right from their table? A Kiosk or a QR code lets them access the menu and order from their tables. This way, the customers can take their time to think and decide what they want to order.

3) Connecting the Chain of Restaurants

The restaurateurs who own a chain of restaurants can connect their branches and have control of all of them on one platform that a restaurant app development company can help them build.

The data gathered from all the restaurant chains can later help derive various charts that the managers and owners can assess for creating better operational channels for the chain of restaurants.

4) Making Payment From the Table

The world is shifting towards online payments, allowing them to have less weight in their pockets using payment apps such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others.

Integrate your payment address in a QR code and put it on the table to let the customers scan and pay the bill directly from the table without hassle. You can also add options for tips.

5) Monitoring Food Quality

Preloading your employees’ mobile devices with HACCP checklists helps you understand if the required tasks are completed to maintain food quality.

The employees simply have to tick off the work completed from the checklist. You can also assign the work that needs to be done in priority order.

6) Food Waste Management

Because we are primarily discussing restaurants, thus it’s obvious that the raw products used will have a minimum shelf life. Therefore, tracking the amount of food going to waste and frequent purchases is necessary. 

IoT can generate such data to help managers optimize buying methods and expenses.

7) Automation of Tasks

According to the stats, there are more than 660K restaurants in the US, and out of them, 90% are small businesses with less than 50 employees. Thus, you can’t run everywhere, so automation becomes quite important.

Automating the tasks for chefs, cooks and managers help in saving time and running error-free operations. Not just appliances, but machine automation can also help find the areas that need maintenance or foresee shortages of raw products and other groceries.

8) Remote Management

As discussed at the beginning, you can turn the fans, lights, and other appliances on and off. A responsible person can operate the appliances from their home, get the HVAC reports from the ice cream machine, and turn the refrigerator on and off according to their convenience.

While it may not sound interesting, it is important to have in-hand control of these devices since they not only cost more but are critical to the restaurant’s operations.

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9) Reduced Energy Use

The data stored using IoT will help you optimize the usage of appliances. As a result, you will save money on electricity bills. Moreover, it will help you save the equipment from being downgraded.

It is underrated how much the Internet of Things can do for us. Saving electricity doesn’t just save you money but makes you an active contributor to the green world we all wish to see.

10) Collecting Customer Insights in a Better Way

For years, restaurants have taken feedback on hard paper. But how do you search and read all of it smartly? The paper might get lost, and the ink may fade too, but the Internet of Things is here to stay.

When you see common feedback from customers, you can go and search the terms and get the results for the repeated problem or concern raised by them. It can also help you know which dish is best-liked.

The Internet of Things is not limited to the ways stated above to enrich your restaurant’s operations and customer experience but are some of the many ways IoT can be used.

The Takeaway

The restaurant business is growing again after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Restaurants look to attract as many customers as possible by creating ambiance, food and experience for the customers that they crave.

Yet, the loads of money IoT can save for restaurants should not be ignored. No entrepreneur would say no to lesser errors and optimized functioning of the restaurant.

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