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ICANotes Vs TherapyNotes: Choose Best EMR For Psychiatry

ICANotes is an app that helps behavioral health clinicians and back-office managers create simple notes. It is ideal for practices of any size and is hardware agnostic. It also helps facilitate paperless practices. TherapyNotes, on the other hand, has a user sentiment rating of 93 based on 624 reviews.


A FindEMR market analyst has compiled a list of the pros and cons of SimplePractice and TherapyNotes EHR software. Both programs are praised by users for their easy-to-use interface and comprehensive toolbox, but there are some significant differences between the two. TherapyNotes is more user-friendly, but it’s harder to customize than SimplePractice. Also, you can’t customize your weekly availability.

Another major difference between TherapyNotes and SimplePractice is their client intake workflows. In SimplePractice, clients can create new patient records by simply sending them an email and linking to a paperless intake form. TherapyNotes, on the other hand, requires you to perform several manual steps to add a new patient: creating a record, sending an email, and uploading documents. This slows down the process and decreases patient satisfaction.

SimplePractice is cheaper than TherapyNotes, starting at $39 per month. It also has more telehealth features, although it is not as robust as TherapyNotes. It also offers more affordable options for single clinicians. But, keep in mind that each company may have different prices, and pricing may change at any time.

SimplePractice’s client portal is also more robust, with a better user interface. It also allows clients to view documents and bills. TherapyNotes is more expensive and requires a credit card to sign up for the service. However, it offers free trial periods.

TherapyNotes EMR

ICANotes EMR offers an affordable and easy-to-use online therapy tool. Its customer support and scheduling features are highly rated. It also features an integrated payment processing system. TherapyNotes EMR also offers a range of other features, including speech-to-text tools, built-in templates, searchable diagnostic codes, and secure video sessions. TherapyNotes has been partnering with medical facilities since 2010 and has thousands of users.

ICANotes’s button-driven user interface allows healthcare staff to quickly and easily create detailed patient documentation. This eliminates the need to dictate or type notes. The software is web-based and OS-agnostic, making it ideal for practices of all sizes. Users can tailor mental health notes to their specific needs, and the software automatically determines the most profitable coding level for the practice.

ICANotes’s practice management and EHR software is ideal for medium to large-sized organizations. It offers a combination of features for practice management, mental health-specific features, and a customizable interface. Each of these features will be relevant for different practices. ICANotes EHR offers a free trial to evaluate the software.

ICANotes enables health practices to manage patient records, provide better care management, and collaborate with colleagues. The software is user-friendly, and allows patients to complete patient forms before their appointment. However, some users find the user interface confusing and the yellow background a distraction. Another drawback of ICANotes is that it does not offer a mobile app. The software is web-based, and users can access it from any browser.


The ICANotes EMR software is a web-based solution that allows healthcare professionals to create patient documentation with ease. Its button-driven interface eliminates the need for typing or dictating. It is designed for practices of any size. It is OS-agnostic and allows mental health professionals to customize notes to meet specific needs. It also determines the appropriate coding level to bill patients at the highest profit level.

ICANotes has a strong customer support team and prompt customer service. However, there are limited customization and flexibility features. Although TherapyNotes provides a range of features, it doesn’t offer the flexibility and customization features that ICANotes does.

ICANotes is designed to integrate with billing software. It offers several billing features and has a feature-rich interface that can be modified for individual practices. It also has a robust calendar, integrated faxing, and assessment/measurement tools. In addition, it supports e-prescribing for patients, which is another plus. ICANotes EHR also allows you to export billing data to a trusted billing service partner. However, it is worth mentioning that ICANotes’s user interface is a bit outdated. The company is currently working on revamping it to make it easier to use.

ICANotes is a solid EHR solution for a health practice. Some of its users love the templates and the intuitive interface, but others don’t like its yellow background. Users also have complaints about the software signing them out when they lose an internet connection. The support staff is helpful in all areas of the software, though its lack of telehealth capabilities are an issue.

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