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How to watch Instagram Stories without others knowing?

Instagram Tips and Tricks: Here’s how to secretly view other people’s Instagram Stories without alerting them.

Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTVs, and other Insta-related content have now become an essential part of our daily lives. It’s always ‘Gram’ time for us to share our lives. This includes the desire to see what others are up to. Also read: How to Verify Your Instagram Account: A step-by-step procedure

But what if we want to watch this (mostly through Stories) without them knowing? This is currently the most likely scenario and a frequently asked question. And the solution comes in the form of simple workarounds you can use to complete the task. Continue reading to learn how to watch people’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. If you have a question in your mind what happens if you block someone after viewing their story? Here I will give you an answer in this post

How to watch Instagram Stories without others knowing?

1: Method 

This is the most basic hack for viewing someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing. Simply tap on the Story next in line rather than the one you want to watch secretly. Also Read more about Meta bringing NFTs to Facebook and Instagram.

Now, tap on the story you’re reading to pause it. Once this has occurred, you must swipe left to reach the desired story. This must be done gradually. Following that, you will reach the middle point of both Instagram Stories, where you can take a look at the story you want to watch without registering your name in the list of viewers.

Just be careful not to swipe too quickly, as this will notify them that you have viewed their story. Another thing to remember is that this hack only gives you a glimpse of the story.After reading this post you can solve many problem like instagram message request disappeared

Method 2

Another simple way to view people’s Instagram Stories without alerting them is to use Airplane mode. Simply launch the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device. Allow a few moments for the Stories to load.

When this happens, activate the Airplane mode. Return to the app and open the Instagram Stories you want to watch. This way, the person whose story you watched will be unaware that you watched it.

Method 3

You can also view people’s Instagram Stories anonymously via the web. Simply install the ‘Chrome IG Story’ Chrome Extension and begin viewing the stories without leaving a trace.

Simply install the extension, launch Instagram’s web version, and sign in with your credentials. After that, you can begin viewing people’s Instagram Stories without their knowledge.

Method 4

You will now see a folder containing posts and stories made by the individual in the last 24 hours. You can open the folder and read the stories one at a time without the person knowing. If you want, you can also repost or save the stories.

You can use the BlindStory app on Android. Simply download it and sign in to your Instagram account. You will now be able to search for various profiles. Simply look for the person whose story you want to see, and you’ll see the Stories and Story highlights there. You can view the Stories without them knowing by tapping on them.

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