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Does Mini HIFU Machine Work?

Historically, folks have seemed to only treat the exterior of their skin when caring for it. But now, thanks to a new rise in technology, it’s possible to address wrinkles, lines, & sagging cheeks from the inside out. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, or HIFU, is a non-invasive surgical procedure that has been used for numerous years to cure complexion problems. The non-invasive essence of this technology has led to a boom in the medical aesthetics sector, in particular in recent years. To give individuals looking for lovely skin more possibilities for skincare, manufacturers of beauty hardware have now introduced a wide range of HIFU machines for household use in addition to specialized HIFU portable devices for beauty salons.

The Use and Efficiency of HIFU Equipment

By producing high-temperature energy and concentrating ultrasound waves on a specific point, HIFU devices encourage the skin’s collagen to regenerate. This helps enhance skin texture, intensifies contours, as well as lessens fine lines. In actuality, many skin ageing issues frequently take place underneath the epidermis. Focused skin ageing is decreased by HIFU machines. Expert HIFU machines have ultrasound waves that can travel up to 4.5mm below the dermal Myofascial layer (SMAS). Home HIFU devices can penetrate the dermis as deep as 2.5 mm, and several even go as far as 4.5 mm. HIFU machines can lift complexion from the base layer and improve sagging contours when contrasted to other cosmetic gadgets.

HIFU Face & Neck Lift Results

Some patients experience an initial impact right away, usually a refreshed, glimmering appearance, but the actual implications take place for the next two to three months as new collagen appears to work to lift and stiffen skin on the neck, chin, as well as brow. Up to nine months after diagnosis, results can be observed and they rely on some variables, such as age, wellbeing, way of life, diet, as well as the amount of pre-existing collagen that can be utilized as a foundation when having a process for the very first time. Although a HIFU procedure won’t produce results identical to those achieved by a facelift, it is a safe non-invasive substitute for individuals who aren’t ready for the procedure and could even be an ideal solution for customers who want to prolong the impacts of prior aesthetic surgery they’ve already had.

A Face Procedure Using HIFU

Before having a HIFU process, no special preparedness is required. Before starting treatment, make sure the desired area is free of all cosmetics and skin care goods.

What to expect at your appointment is as follows:

  • The key part is first cleaned by a doctor or technician.
  • Before beginning, they might use a topical anaesthetic cream.
  • An ultrasound gel is then applied by the doctor or technician.
  • The complexion is in contact with the HIFU device.
  • The medical professional or technician sets the gadget using an ultrasound viewer.
  • Short pulses of ultrasound energy are therefore applied for 30 to 90 minutes to the desired area.
  • The gadget is taken out.

If extra procedures are required, the following appointment will be set up for you. You could experience heat & tingling whereas the ultrasound energy has been implemented. If it causes pain, you could take a painkiller. After the process, you are immediately free to return home and carry on with your regular everyday routines.

Expectations after HIFU Treatment

After your process, you are free to resume your regular actions without any limitations or criteria. Nevertheless, you must keep your complexion away from severe heat or cold and defend it with a high-quality moisturiser and SPF. After your treatment, you must drink more water to keep yourself hydrated. For optimal outcomes, you should also abstain from caffeine as well as alcohol for at least 48 hours. You can resume your normal routine right away, but for the next 24 hours, stay away from skin care products that might displease. The redness on your skin may initially appear flushed, but it should fade away within a few hours and also in one to two days. Tingly sensation or gentleness to the touch may well be experienced by some clients; however, these symptoms are mild and transient, going away within a few days to a week. Other, less frequent post-operative side impacts could include transient bruising or numbness on small patches of skin. Please make an appointment with the clinic right away if any of the signs don’t go away.

Why HIFU Facelift Treatment Aftercare Is Vital

It is not surprising that aftercare is emphasised by the beauty and skin specialists whenever it comes to skin procedures; if overlooked, specific issues, like hyperpigmentation, could develop after HIFU treatment. Follow the aftercare instructions to make the most of your HIFU facelift process. This guarantees long-lasting benefits and contributes to boosting the usefulness of your treatment! You must adhere to a great skincare regimen in addition to your aftercare if you want to keep your complexion clean, healthy, and safeguarded from the elements with a great sunscreen.

Following up properly will:

  • Lessen the likelihood of problems
  • Improve and extend your outcomes
  • Very little chance of wasting time, funds, or effort

In a nutshell, the aftercare operation is equally crucial to the success of the primary therapy and pre-treatment regimens. Here are a few recommendations for what you should do in advance of your HIFU treatment.

How to Prepare For Treatment

Skin burns, when exposed to the sun and HIFU, couldn’t be utilised to treat sunburned or lately tanned skin. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid using any chemical compounds that irritate the skin as this could delay treatment. If you’re taking antibiotics, you might need to quit accepting them if you want to try the HIFU skin treatment. Your complexion may become more responsive to light if you take specific medications, such as antibiotics. In this situation, you might have to delay getting treated for two weeks until the antibiotics have finished working.

The Morning of Treatment

The HIFU facelift procedure is secure and efficient. The procedure uses ultrasound energy that is focused for 30 to 90 minutes each time on specific regions of your face and body. To guarantee the safety of the customers and the efficacy of the treatment, clients as well as therapists must follow specific guidelines. To begin with, patients who want to receive a HIFU treatment should not have ever had a cold sore before the procedure. The healing procedure would be hampered by cold sores. If they suffer from a fever, the HIFU treatment can’t be performed on them. In these circumstances, the treatment cannot be started until the cold sore or fever has healed.

Day of Therapy

It is essential to refrain from using any moisturisers or makeup on the day of the treatment. Assuming you are in good health and don’t have any medical history that could hinder the HIFU treatment process, this is advised that you show up at the treatment facility slightly earlier. It will keep you at ease and eliminate any nervousness you may have. Given that HIFU facelift treatment is pain-free and non-invasive, you might well be perplexed as to why nervousness is a problem. The problem is that some patients are afraid of the treatments; such patients must take anti-anxiety medication ahead of time. Customers who take depression medications must come with a driver who will drive them back home just after the process.

Aftercare Checklist for HIFU

To avoid problems and adverse effects which might reduce the benefits of the treatment, it is crucial for patients who have experienced HIFU skin treatment to comprehend how to start caring for their bodies just after treatment. This is particularly true since it will contribute to raising the likelihood of success. So let’s quickly review some guidelines that patients who have received HIFU treatment must abide by. That seems to be, of course, if they desire to benefit fully from the recent treatment they’ve received.

Avoid the Sun

You must make an effort to protect yourself from the sun and also cold for a few weeks after the HIFU complexion treatment. The rationale is that staying out of the sun will lessen your risk of developing hyperpigmentation, sunburn, as well as complexion harm. Additionally encouraged is the application of sunblock cream, which will aid in preventing the skin from coming into direct contact with the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Until the skin tightening procedure is finished, this should be preceded.

Give up alcohol for a while

Stop putting too much strain on your liver. After treatment, consuming alcohol must be prevented. Your liver works harder when you drink alcohol. Your liver would be tasked with dissolving the deactivated fat following the treatment process. Alcohol consumption forces the liver to process both the alcohol and the deactivated fat. Alcohol not only makes your liver work hard, but it also makes your blood less dense.

Avoid Rubbing Your Skin

Even though it may be lovely to scratch your body when itching, it is best to refrain from doing so after treatment. Your skin would be particularly sensitive at this time, and if you scratch it, you run the possibility of causing skin damage. You are also recommended to let scars fade normally if you have any. If you attempt to remove them, you risk creating a sizable wound that could become infected. After receiving treatment, refrain from rubbing your complexion.

Consume Extra Water

Water is life, as the saying goes. Water therefore ought to be your preferred beverage following the HIFU therapeutic process. Before consuming any other liquor, you should first drink water. Water will hasten the body’s production of collagen which will aid in your recovery. Drink as much water as you can to ensure that you stay as hydrated as feasible.

Avoid Taking Hot Baths or Showers

Use cold water when taking a shower to maintain your skin’s natural protective oil in place and reduce itchiness. If you need to use hot water, it is best to use cool water instead because it will help your complexion heal more quickly. Irrespective of what you preferred up until now, never take a hot shower. You ought to have been authorised to do that, at least until after.

Advantages of Focused High-Intensity Ultrasound

The prominence of HIFU and other nonsurgical alternative solutions to facelifts has significantly increased over the past few years, as reported by experts. Between 2012 and 2017, the overall number of operations executed rose by 64.8%.

Numerous aesthetic advantages of HIFU include:

Wrinkle decrease hoisting the cheeks, brows, as well as eyelids improving jawline definition stiffening the décolletage levelling the skin tightening sagging neck skin (also known as turkey neck) Encouraging study findings after 12 weeks, HIFU substantially increased the skin elasticity of the thighs, lower abdomen, and cheeks, according to a 2017 investigation includes 32 Korean participants. In a series of studies with 93 participants, 66 per cent of those who received HIFU treatment felt that their face and neck looked better after 90 days.

HIFU at Face Value

The average price of a nonsurgical skin stiffening process in 2017 was £1,530, as per ASAPS. This represents a significant price reduction compared to a surgical facelift, which typically costs “6,782. In the finish, the price will rely on the area getting treated, your location, the total number of treatments required to get the outcomes you want, and other factors. A local HIFU provider must be contacted for a price quote. You cannot use HIFU if you have healthcare coverage.

The Importance of Aftercare Seems To Be Almost Equal To That of the HIFU Facelift Procedure

The HIFU facelift procedure has improved a lot of people’s lives. Not everybody who has received any of these life-altering therapies, though, has benefited the most from them. Why? They don’t take post-operative care very severely. Take full advantage of your HIFU facelift procedure. Be sure to follow the aftercare instructions.

Final Words

A HIFU facial, also known as a high-intensity focused ultrasound facial, can be a beneficial treatment for reducing ageing symptoms. HIFU is a nonsurgical method that requires less time to recover than a surgical facelift; however, the effects are not as noticeable. Nevertheless, studies show that the operation can tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and enhance the appearance of the skin. The advantages of a HIFU facial could last for approximately a year with proper aftercare.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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