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How to keep reading from where you stopped in Foxit Reader:

Have you ever had to walk away from a PDF document in the middle of reading it only to come back to it later? Perhaps you have completely closed Foxit PDF Reader. You can start again right where you left off with Foxit PDF Reader if you want to. You can do it this way.

  1. Launch Foxit PDF Reader.
  2. From the sidebar, select File > Preferences.
  3. You’ll now see a box with options running down the left side. From the left sidebar, select History.
  4. If you want Foxit PDF Reader to restore the last session you were reading within, select Restore last session when application starts, then click OK at the bottom. When you open Foxit PDF Reader the next time, it will take you back to the last point you viewed in the PDF file.
  5. When reopening, you can select Restore last view settings as well to ensure that Foxit PDF Reader uses the settings you had set in the View options, such as the Zoom level and whether you’re viewing single pages or continuous scrolls.
  6. You won’t have to scroll through the PDF file to find the page you were looking at last. If you use Foxit PDF Reader, all the work will be done for you.

Using GPO Templates in Foxit Reader:

With Foxit PDF Reader MSI files, network administrators can install the software for users in larger organizations more easily.

Additionally, it supports Group Policy (GPO) Templates and provides mass deployment and configuration options. IT staff can easily manage and configure PDF reader software with these features.

What are Group Policies?

A Group Policy (GPO) is a set of rules for managing and configuring user settings and applications within an Active Directory environment. GPO allows you to do the following:

  • To increase security, disable USB drives from being plugged into computers
  • Configure default printers based on a user’s location
  • Password complexity requirements should be enforced
  • Ensure that certain software applications cannot be run by certain users
  • Desktop customization for users

Administrators who have Foxit PDF Reader installed can use GPO templates, both .adm and .admx, to take greater control of enterprise-wide deployments and standardize menu and configuration settings across all users.  Download the Foxit PDF Reader with Enterprise Packaging (formerly known as Enterprise Reader) from the Foxit PDF Reader product page to take advantage of GPO.

GPO and Foxit PDF Reader:

After you’ve deployed Foxit PDF Reader, you can choose between two types of group policy templates. .adm templates are compatible with computers running Windows XP and later, while .admx templates are compatible with Server 2008, Server 2012, and Windows Vista.

Changes can be made to either template by opening the Group Policy Editor on the desktop or server and selecting the Foxit PDF Reader template from the navigation pane. Here you can edit and set template preferences.

What can you use GPO templates for?

Customizations, security, and management are some of the common configuration settings you can use with the GPO template.

It is possible to customize the PDF reader software by choosing which tools you want to display in the toolbar, which items you want to display in the menu, and even which languages to list under the official languages list.

Other security options include allowing users to view protected content in browsers and allowing encryption algorithms.

With GPO templates, you can change the program’s name from Foxit PDF Reader’s default name, change the start page settings, and even control the safe reading mode settings.

How to access Deployment and Configuration Tools:

Refer to the Deployment and Configuration manual for more information on how to use GPO templates in Foxit PDF Reader.  Additionally, you will find a comprehensive list of which items you can control with group policies.

On the following page, you will find links to the Foxit PDF Reader with Enterprise Packaging Deployment and Configuration manual and other mass deployment tools. mbc2030

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