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10 Google Chrome Tricks Especially Recommended for Students

With the rise of technology use in schools, tools like Google Chrome are becoming increasingly important. Taking advantage of the start of the course, Google wants to help you get even more out of your web browser. How? I Recommend You 10 Google Chrome Tricks Especially Recommended for Students. Even if you’re not in school, these tricks can be very helpful.

Google’s recommendations come to us through its website and, in truth, help us Discover Chrome features we didn’t even know we had. For example, you can group different tabs in one group for organization, get answers directly from your browser’s address bar, or make the most of the Live Signature tool. Whether you’re a student or not, these Google Chrome tricks can completely change the way you use your browser. Google also takes tricks for a better experience is i m feeling curious or fun facts.

If you have Google Chrome installed on your PC, update it as soon as possible.

Add multiple tabs to one group

One of Chrome’s most useful features is called “Tab Groups” or “Tab Groups”, the name of which already says what it is intended for. If you have open tabs corresponding to different tasks and if you want a better organization, you can group each tab into different groups to make them easier to identify. For example, you can group a Wikipedia page and a Google Docs page into one group called “Historical Work”.

When creating each group, you can choose a color and a name that will allow you to recognize each group at a glance. To create a group, you just need to right-click on the tab and select the “Add a tab to a new group” option. Choose a color and title and repeat the process for the rest of the tabs you want to add to the set.

Reopen accidentally closed tabs

We have all had the experience of accidentally closing the Google Chrome tab we were using. However, this has an easy solution, you just need to press the Ctrl+Shift+T keys to automatically reopen the last closed tab. Another option is to enter the History section where you will find all the tabs you have recently visited.

Activate Live Caption

If you’re doing some work in the library and you forgot your headphones, or you’re just in a place where you can’t play the sound of a video, the best solution you can find is called Live Signature. This tool takes care of signing all the videos played on your device from social networks to platforms like YouTube.

For now, this feature is only available in English, so you can only use it for videos in that language. If you want to activate it, go to Settings > Accessibility Y and enable the “Automatic subtitles” option. Of course, this tool is very useful for hard-of-hearing users.

Get answers from the address bar

Enter an operation for Chrome to show you the answer. Save time doing calculations and other operations with the address bar from Google Chrome. For example, if you write “3+3”, you will see the result of the operation without even pressing the Enter button. In addition to accounts such as addition or multiplication, you can also find out the answer to basic questions or currency conversion from the address bar, for example.

Check security settings

Much of Google Chrome’s improvements focus on security and privacy so that users can surf the web with peace of mind. Among the tricks offered by Google is the activation of “Safe Browsing”, a tool responsible for sending warnings about possible dangers that malware, dangerous extensions, identity theft, or sites are considered unsafe by Google.

If it’s available on your device, you’ll find the option to enable Safe Browsing in Settings > Privacy & Security. Without a doubt, this is a very useful layer of security and privacy to protect your data as well as the safety of your devices.

Enable sync across devices

One of the great benefits of using Google Chrome is that it allows you to enable cross-device sync, so you can pick up on your mobile the reading you left on your computer, or browse bookmarked web pages from your tablet. If you use your account from different devices, activating synchronization will make your work much easier. When you don’t care, you can easily turn it off in your account settings.

Search terms directly from the text

You can search in Chrome directly from the text. If you are reading a text on a computer and have doubts about the meaning of a term, you can search for it directly. You only need to select the text and, when selected, right-click on it. In the options menu that appears, you will find the option “Search X in Google”. Click on it and you will automatically go to the search tab.

Open a new document from the address bar

Another Google Chrome trick provided by Google informs us about the ability to perform certain actions directly from the address bar . For example, you can open a new document in Google Docs or a new spreadsheet on a company platform. You just need to search for e.g. “doc. new” to directly access the new document in Google Docs.

Save the passwords of all your accounts

Take the help of Google’s password manager to protect your privacy.

Given the many digital services we use today, it can be very difficult to remember the password for each of them, especially if you use different passwords. That’s why Google has a password manager that takes care of remembering them for you. When you enter a password in a new service, the browser will ask if you want to remember it in the future.

In addition, Google has a useful tool that will let you know if your password has been leaked. Any time the company discovers that your password has been included in a data breach it will notify you so you can change it immediately.

Use Google Chrome Extensions

Finally, Google recommends using your extensions as they are very useful for extending the functionality of the browser. In the extensions section of the Chrome Web Store, you can browse the catalog to find the tools that interest you. For example, you can download extensions like Todoist, a very useful list app for organizing your personal and work life.

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