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How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fantastic method to enhance website traffic, but it isn’t always sufficient. For example, let us say you’ve decided to put all of your eggs in the SEO basket. Moreover, what happens when Google changes its algorithm? Potential clients may abandon you.

That is why it’s a good idea to use a mix of strategies to boost website visitors. If you have more than one way for customers to find your site, a shift in search engine rankings won’t have as much of an impact. In the end, you will have a toolbox full of optimization tactics to maintain operations. Even when SEO potential is limited, it might be beneficial to diversify your website’s visitor base (for example, podcasts).

This piece will discuss efficient methods for increasing website traffic without search engine optimization (SEO). You are never left high and dry when Google rolls out yet another algorithm update. If your site’s traffic has been declining for some time, we will also go over some immediate actions you can take to start seeing results again.

Methods For Increasing Your Site’s Visibility

If you use these strategies to boost your website’s SEO, you should see it surge to the top of the search results pages.

Boost the Speed at Which Your Web Pages Load

A few things to consider while optimizing your page’s load speed. You first need to know that a sluggish load time can negatively affect your Google ranking. A sluggish website, however, will also affect the interaction of your pages with your visitors. Therefore, such unfavourable exchanges will also lower your rating. Studies suggest that if a page takes more than three seconds to load, 40% of users will leave the site.

It is alarming enough that 80% of folks who view a website never return to it. This is not very good for your site’s SEO rating and will devastate its visitor numbers. The other side is that visitors will stick around if your website loads quickly. If your website is particularly well liked, Google’s algorithm will reward it with a higher position in search results.

This highlights the critical need to maximize page load and server response times. You can now see how your website performs for users from all around the globe. Your website’s theme and plugins might blame for its sluggish performance. If your site’s poor speed can be traced back to your server, we recommend looking at my recommendations for web hosts.

Banner Ads

Although content marketing is essential, it may be expensive, mainly if you hire professional writers to produce high-quality, unique articles on your behalf. In addition, many firms can’t wait the weeks or months it takes for these efforts to bear fruit. So why not attempt sponsored advertisements if you want results quickly and on a budget, you can manage?

Present-day social media use in the United States is at 70%. This accounts for well over two-thirds of the total population. Imagine all the opportunities that await you! Spending money on advertisements is a quick and easy way to get hundreds, if not hundreds, of new visitors to your site. It’s also more straightforward than ever to target the correct audience with your advertisements because of the proliferation of new advertising or social media platforms and the constant innovation they provide. You don’t have to limit yourself to the most popular channels if you want your marketing efforts to make an impact. If the target demographic of a lesser-known platform is a good fit for your goods, advertising there may be more fruitful in the long term.

Suppose your target audience consists of young people who want to share and read strange tales and memes. In that case, advertising on Reddit will provide considerably better results than on Facebook or YouTube. Dating apps are another choice.

Remember that you do not have to spend $1 million on sponsored advertisements on day one if you are concerned about budget constraints. Try out the water with a daily budget of $5 to $10 and see what occurs. Try it out for a week to get a feel for how various media operate.


Most important to search engine rankings than a page’s URL, title, or headers are the content itself. Use your keyword phrase once or twice in the first and last paragraphs and another two to four times in the body of the text. Project your authority. Incorporate strategic internal and external links to important sources and supporting materials inside and outside your organization’s main website.

Use emphasis tags like bold, italics, header tags (mainly H1), and so on to draw attention to these critical words, but don’t go overboard. It is nevertheless essential that your writing sound and feel genuine. Never give up quality writing to get search engine rankings. The human reader, not the search engine, should be your first focus while creating content. Finding new content chances might be aided by reading up on SEO marketing strategies.

Real-World Social Networking

Marketers should pay close attention to organic social media, even if it is not a novel tactic. Instagram (hello, swipe feature!), live footage, IGTV, and Facebook Messenger are all viable alternatives to traditional social media posts. For success in organic social media, it is essential to get on board with new tools as soon as they become available.

For instance, Facebook has introduced a chatbot experience inside Messenger that companies can use to generate leads by directing visitors to the content offered on your website. This is a fantastic tool for drawing new visitors to your site.

It is crucial to use a varied social media approach and available social media channels, not just the big three like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Internet traffic may be significantly increased by using social media sites like YouTube or Pinterest.

Comment on Different Blogs

By posting on another blogger’s site, you may get exposure to their readership and expand your own. Someone in your field of expertise has a large and dedicated fan base. Think of the possibilities if your material was shown to them. Just imagine how many people you could get to visit your website if you tried!

Everyone wants to read something worthwhile. Many website owners will gladly let you publish a free, well-researched piece on their site if you offer to do the work for them. After all, their target audience will get benefits at zero cost to them. So why would anyone give out free, high-quality information? The result will be hundreds, if not thousands, of new users, some of whom may become loyal patrons.

See To It That Your Website Is Readable

If you are putting material on your website, think about who you’re writing for. You must use language your target audience can relate to if you want them to visit the site and stick around. Avoid sounding as if you’re trying to pass yourself off as a lawyer or physician. Writing in a manner that only a tiny percentage of people will comprehend is a waste of your time and theirs—worried that no one will be able to read your work? To aid you, you may utilize the many resources available on the internet.

Promotional Email

If you examine a few articles on online advertising, you will find that email advertising is discussed often. That is because it’s one of the best strategies to boost traffic to your site even today.

Some research indicates that for every dollar invested in email marketing, a return of $36 is generated. Customers may be reached directly via email marketing. It is a great place to connect with clients regularly, which can only lead to increased customer loyalty. You may begin soft sales by asking questions and soliciting clients’ responses, ultimately encouraging them to make a more significant purchase.

Be A Site Worth Linking To

Your SEO will increase if other websites link to your page because it has valuable information that visitors can use to learn more about a specific topic. This is especially true if the page is authoritative, presents no prejudice, and provides valuable information to users.

Add credibility and authority by linking to related articles inside the content. You may try writing out all the names of the location instead of using “click here” links. In contrast to the keyword-rich “Michigan Tech Enterprise Program,” which will boost the rankings in search engines and the linked page, “Click here” has little value beyond the associated URL. Always employ descriptive links by connecting keywords; this helps with SEO and benefits your viewers, particularly those who may be using a screen reader.


SEO Melbourne strategies and methods developed before a significant algorithm shift quickly became outdated. However, the techniques we covered today may serve as the basis for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will help you attract more visitors to your site. Each of these strategies may increase your business’s client base, but when used collectively, they can do wonders for your company’s success.

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