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What are the best short video apps after TikTok is banned?

The app named “TikTok” brought the craze for the short video, especially in lockdown. The short video is an extremely popular form of content on the best social media app like PickZon, Facebook, and Twitter. These videos are usually just a few seconds long and can be seen by millions of people at once. This has led to a boom in the number of short video creators.

The short video is not new but what is new is the combination of high-quality content with low cost. This combination made it possible for short videos to be watched by millions of people on their smartphones or tablets.

A short video can be used as a way to promote products or services, but it can also be used as a way to share emotions, thoughts, and feelings with others.

The short video has become an important medium for communication because it allows us to reach out to people quickly and easily who are interested in hearing what we have to say.

Some of the best social media apps are listed below, where you may create short videos and have fun:


The top short video app in India in 2022 is this one. The best social media app allows you to make clips (short movies) and showcase your talent to the world. This app’s “clips” feature, where you can earn money by watching and making 1-minute videos, is its most well-known feature. Posting and creating videos are more ways to become verified. The videos cover a variety of subjects, including breaking news, inspirational, funny, and instructive content.


When Tiktok was banned in India, Mitron took advantage of the first-mover advantage. It has shown impressive growth, but Mitron also drew a lot of flak for being developed by Pakistani coders. The controversy surrounding the software causes users to uninstall it. Everything was resolved eventually, and the app reached 10 million downloads.


Trell is the fastest-growing alternative to TikTok for lifestyle community commerce. In India, there is a social commerce platform for short videos that enables people to share, like, and discover new talent. Users of Trell have the option to play games, invite friends from other platforms, and earn rewards.


An Indian social media app called ShareChat allows users to share material. It is a video-watching and video-creation app. You can read articles on a variety of recent and popular topics. Everything that interests you can be found in the Explore section.

Instagram reels

One well-known social media platform is Instagram. It’s one of the most popular social networking platforms for chatting with friends and exchanging content like photos, videos, and ideas. Since Tiktok was banned, short videos have grown in popularity.

Youtube shorts

A popular website for sharing videos is YouTube. On YouTube, there are already a lot of enjoyable, illuminating, and instructional movies. In the short video genre, YouTube has grown in popularity. Like other apps, YouTube lets you record and watch one-minute-long short videos, some of which might include movie clips and chats.


With the help of the video-making app Kindda, you may make short videos and become well-known. Additionally, the app contains an incentive system that encourages users to use it. Leveling up while making and sharing short videos is made easier by the app’s original concept. Additionally, users can get experience by finishing various tasks. Kindda’s most exciting scene is still to come! Users’ profiles develop when they complete mini-missions or chores, and they get unique rewards for finishing quests.

The above all are the best social media app devoted to video as short videos gain popularity. You simply need to pick the greatest short video creation software available because not all of them may be well suited to your market or may not pique your interest. However, based on my own experience, you should give chance to the PickZon app yourself. If you feel at ease where you are and are filming videos in your style, that is acceptable. The advantages and disadvantages of each social media platform must be carefully considered, as well as which one may be best for your target market if you want to grow your company and market.

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