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How to get rid of orbeez in tub?


It is essential to know how to dispose of orbeez to avoid problems later. For example, if you drain them in the flush, they can clog it; similar is the case with rivers, water streams, etc. Here we will talk about getting rid of orbeez from the bathtub. If you use them in the bathtub to make it appealing, it is essential to dispose of them aptly. Here are a few best tips to do so.

What if you put orbeez in Bath Tub?

It swells in their size and comes to a bigger size than they look. Taking a bath in such an orbeez surfacing tub gives a unique experience. But it is equally hectic to get rid of them as they must not be drained with water. You have to be extra conscious about disposing of them from the tub.

Is it safe to drain orbeez from a bathtub?

It is unsafe if you drain these colour balls with water from your tub. This is because it is going to clog your bath drain for sure. You will see water not passing through your tub’s drainage system. So it can cost too much to get rid of clogged drains. That is why it is always good to be careful about draining orbeez with water from your tub to avoid clogging. It is tough to get these beads away from the drain, and sometimes they clog the entire drain of your washroom.

2 Effective ways to get rid of orbeez from the tub

Here are two effective ways you can try to get rid of it from the tub. People often use them to handle these beads from the tub.

Soda and acetic acid solution to dissolve orbeez

One of the most effective ways you can try to get rid of orbeez from the tub is by using acetic acid and washing soda. Both of them will react to the dissolution of the orbeez, which can then be drained quickly. This is one of the most prominent and influential ways people are using to get rid of orbeez. Even if the drain gets clogged because of these beads, you can try this solution to clear it. Make sure to use a fresh solution to see the best results, not those made for months.

Sprinkle salt to shrink them back and save them to reuse again

If you want to reuse these without dissolving them, then there is another method for it. Just sprinkle salt on these , and then they will retract to their original shape by losing the water to salt. This way, you can collect and pack them back to use again. Orbeez is made for use repeatedly, and you can reap this benefit by using this method. This is the best and most effective way you can try to get rid of orbeez beads from your bathtub.

Time is taken by vinegar and soda to help get rid of orbeez from the tub

If you use vinegar and soda to dissolve the orbeez from the bathtub, they will not vanish immediately. Instead, it is a time-consuming hectic process that will seek hours from your busy life. You must pour the solution multiple times to get rid of these orbeez from your tub. People often conclude that it is not adequate to use the above solution to get rid of beads. But they do not try their best and seek immediate results, which is impossible as you have to wait for a little to get the results.


So you can get rid of orbeez from the bathtub by using acetic acid and soda as the best solution to dissolve these orbeez. This method will demand your efforts, and you may feel frustrated with dissolving them by pouring the answer repeatedly. On the other hand, if you want to reuse these orbeez, then use salt, releasing the water from the beads, leaving them dry and smaller in size. Afterward, it becomes easier to pack these beads for second use. This way, you can get rid of these orbeez from your bathtub. Spreading these beads every day may be a tedious job for you, but you can use them occasionally as well.

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