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Gripp – the new Cases for Apple iPhone 14 Series

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  • 360° impact-absorbent construction disperses stress quickly on ground impact, resulting in less than 10% shock damage to the phone
  • With a 360° shock-absorbent bumper, the cases protect your costly Apple iPhone device from regular hits and prevent water stains
  • An anti-bacterial technique that guarantees a 99% decrease in germs, protecting the case while generating a substantially cleaner surface

Gripp, a major iPhone accessory manufacturer, has just brought the Clear MagSafe Case for the Apple iPhone 14 Series into the market. Gripp has introduced many new iPhone 14 Series mobile covers, including the Gripp CLEAR Case, Gripp CLARION Case, and Gripp EVO MAGSAFE Case.

Gripp was founded with the goal of developing accessories for watches, computers, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets in order to improve modern lifestyles and, most importantly, protect your devices. Each and every person’s needs are designed to be met by these items, and enhancing user experience is their main focus.

The 6-foot drop test for the Clear MagSafe Case uses a reinforced Air Max TPU bumper. The rear cover case offers 360° comprehensive protection, allowing your iPhone to withstand drop impacts, as well as the wear and tear of your usual workday.

The case contains a polycarbonate (PC) back and a 360° all-around impact-absorbent construction that disperses shock instantly upon ground impact, resulting in less than 10% of the shock damage reaching the phone. With a 360° shock-absorbent bumper, the case protects your expensive gadget from regular hits and prevents water stains.

To absorb excess impact, it includes extensive shock-dispersing barrier lines in the inner bumper. The 360° impact bumper is enhanced with 4X corner protection against drop impact.

The scratch-resistant, durable PC back, as well as the raised frame encircling the front and back, keep your phone and camera scratch-free.

Anti-bacterial technology is also used in these cases, ensuring a 99% decrease in germs. This protects the case while also drastically cleaning the surface. It fights stains and other damaging irritants at the cellular level. Most importantly, it protects both your phone and you from hazardous micro-organisms.

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