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How to get a residence visa in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Talking about Dubai is about the United Arab Emirates, so if it is about obtaining a residence visa, we must abide by what the UAE immigration authorities establish.

Normally it is thought that it is only possible to travel to Dubai for vacations and tourism for a short time, which is partly true. Still, we must not ignore the fact that we are facing one of the most important economic powers in the world. Last times.

This, in turn, implies an important range of job opportunities; it is a different culture, different customs, and a very different language. Still, the personal and professional growth that can be obtained will last a lifetime.

Starting from the bottom is difficult, that is clear, but once the first objective has been achieved, which is to obtain a job, it is normal to think of staying permanently, not all of them, but there is no doubt that it is one of the best cities to live.

Having entered into the context, we explain what is needed to obtain a uae residence visa to live in Dubai.

How to get a residence visa in Dubai

The most feasible way to obtain a residence visa in Dubai is having previously obtained a work permit, that is, already having a secure job position in the United Arab Emirates.

The advantage of having an employment contract with a company in Dubai is that it is said organization that will take care of a large part of the process for the work permit, which goes hand in hand with the residence visa, basically due to the requirements.

You should know that the visa cost is an average of 2000 dollars; this implies an expense and a risk, both for the company and the emigrant, especially if the process is carried out with the worker still outside the city.

Work permit in Dubai

The actual requirements to obtain a work permit in Dubai are the following:

  • Already have an employment contract in Dubai or any city in the United Arab Emirates.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • There is a requirement regarding age; the applicant must not be over 60, although there are exceptions for certain professions.
  • In terms of work capacity, the applicant must meet all the qualifications required by the company.
  • Going through a medical examination in Dubai and all of the United Arab Emirates, it is extremely important to detect if the applicant is HIV positive if he has tuberculosis or hepatitis C, as is to be expected; if the results are positive, the permit will be denied and the Entrance to the country.

Every company in Dubai has personnel specialized in migration issues precisely to take care of these procedures; it must be taken into account that the employing company assumes expenses for medical examinations, certificates, employment letters, health letters, and even the residence visa, so it should not come as a surprise that the company asks the hired foreigner for all the necessary documentation to support the process and to request the permit and visa without problems involved.

The foreigner who will benefit from the work permit and the residence visa must have the following:

  • Once you have obtained the residence permit and visa, you must open a bank account.
  • A second mandatory requirement is to acquire a vehicle and register it.
  • You must also acquire a mobile phone and register it; in this case and the previous one, you must be the owner.

These are just some procedures of others that will come in the following weeks; it is necessary to reiterate that mastering the English language is very important, it is not the official language of the United Arab Emirates, but it is one of the most widely spoken.

Dubai residence visa through a sponsor

This is especially aimed at Spanish citizens and from other European countries; beyond the work permit, it is also possible to obtain visas in Dubai in the following way:

Through the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the country of origin, it is possible to request a sponsor; not everyone can sponsor a foreigner to start the visa; basically, the sponsors can be the following:

  • Hotels and travel agencies, however, in this case, can only sponsor foreigners for tourist visas.
  • Airlines can sponsor foreigners only for transit visas for a maximum of 96 hours.
  • Organizations of different kinds, as long as they have the authorization of the United Arab Emirates, in this case, can sponsor foreigners for service visas. We are one of the best UAE residence visa consultancies that offers the best range visa services for the global citizens along with family visa services in Dubai. Our services include Visit Visa, Family Visa, Work Permit Visa and more.
  • Citizens of Dubai and the UAE with foreign relatives can sponsor them to obtain a visitor visa.

Aspects to take into account about the residence visa in Dubai

The residence visa for the United Arab Emirates is generally valid for 3 years; it is the first thing to know; the good thing is that it can be renewed, normally, the requirements are maintained, but the renewal must be done in advance to avoid immigration problems.

Another detail that must be considered is that the residence visa is cancelled if you are absent from Dubai and the UAE for more than 6 months.

Other alternatives for the residence visa in the United Arab Emirates

One way to obtain a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates is through company registration; Dubai is one of the most popular cities for this.

The visa process is made more flexible if a company is created in association with a local investor; this entails many benefits; of course, it also implies generating employment for nationals of the United Arab Emirates.

This investor visa is valid for 3 years with the option of renewal; one of the requirements is that the company remains in operation.

The residence visa for investors has other advantages, such as processing residence visas for immediate family members such as spouses and children.

A second option is the purchase of a real estate in Dubai; obviously, it must have a minimum value, which in this case is $275,000, excluding any taxes or liens.

In this case, the residence visa for “acquisition of a property in Dubai” is valid for 2 years; the detail that should be considered is that it does not authorize work.

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