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How to Differentiate Real From Fake disposable e liquid Device?

A lot of vape brands have emerged over a short span of years since the use of disposable e liquid vapes became common. Some of them are renowned brands famous for their high-quality products; others are still emerging. The troubling thing is that many manufacturers produce low-quality products by using the name of famous brands.

Those who are new to cbd e liquid often get duped by such sellers. Their incomplete knowledge makes them vulnerable, and the fake-brand sellers give them low-quality vapes because they are more gullible than avid vapers. This blog will highlight a few essential things that are easy to spot and can help you determine the authenticity of a product.

Things That Tell Apart Fake And Real Vapes:

Many new and seasoned smokers are switching to vaping to avoid deteriorating their health any further. Disposable vapes are considered 95% safer than traditional cigarettes because they do not produce many of the toxins present in cigarette smoke. But if the vape liquid is substandard, it might lead to the production of some harmful chemicals.

In order to gain maximum benefit and minimum damage from vapes, it stands vital to go for premium-quality products only. Here are some striking differences between fake and real vape devices:

1.    Local Stores & Too Low Or High Prices:

If you go to any local brand and they keep telling you about a product that has excellent features and presents it at a low price or a high price that seems unreasonable, it might be a clone of the original. This does not mean that real disposable vape devices are super costly; that is not the case.

Each vape product is available at a reasonable price for everyone to access easily. The seller might swindle you by saying a few sweet words and under or over-describing the price than the authentic product’s price.

2.    Non-TPD Compliant Nicotine Strength:

The Tobacco Products Directive regulations in the UK strictly instruct all vaping brands to keep the maximum nicotine concentration at 2%. A nic salt strength that is more than this is violating the law and is likely to be fake because authentic brands follow the rules set by TPD.

3.    Vape Pod With More Than 2ml Liquid:

If a disposable vape’s e-liquid pod has more than 2ml of juice capacity, it is not from the original brand. Renowned brands have to get their products approved by the authorities before launching them in the market. That is why it is highly possible that the device holding a large quantity of e-juice is not licensed to sell vapes and is only mimicking the genuine brand.

Vaping Regulations Around The Globe:

Vaping laws are different across the globe. Different countries have a different takes on vaping. For instance, America is highly against vaping, and they are banning the devices for one reason or another.

Food and Drugs Administration in the USA has placed a ban on devices that use cotton candy flavour and other mixed flavours in their e-juices. Till now, FDA has ordered more than 100’s manufacturers to stop making mixed flavours e-liquids. However, no one gives an ear to it, and manufacturers are running their businesses.

Vape manufacturers are deliberately defying the regulations of the FDA and manufacturing products in their own way. For instance, sunset sherbert is not permissible in the disposable e liquid of vapes, but many e-juices companies are making and selling them. Government imply rules so that people can enjoy their vaping safely. It would be better for vape manufacturers to follow the rules so that they can help people for good. Not adhering to the rules could and people in trouble.

4.    Vape Liquid Containing Unknown Components:

You can find the ingredients list of the vape liquid on the packaging of a disposable vape or any vape product. Usually, e-juice contains Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavour and Nicotine.

Most famous brands use Nic Salt in their vape juice and keep the concentration within a limit of 2%. The packaging will also mention the flavour profile and VG/PG ratio. The counterfeits of the real ones often contain unknown or certain illegal ingredients, even if in trace amounts. So, the e-liquid composition will give away their hoax. If you find it challenging to differentiate between a real and a counterfeit product, you can purchase it from an online vape shop in the UK. Many well-known and reliable online stores provide vapes of famous brands. You can also visit the official website of the brand whose product you want to purchase. Even if you want to buy them in person, you need to pay attention to these few things and get your favourite disposable vape.

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