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Call Center Outsourcing Solutions: Solutions to Improve Customer Service


Feature that will improve customer satisfaction 

In today’s tech world, maintaining an effective call center necessitates having the correct call center software capabilities to assist your phone system. Regarding inbound features, ensure your call center system has these key functionalities to assist managers and call center employees perform at their best.

Before adopting call center outsourcing solutions, be certain that the call center software you’re going to set up has the nine vital elements stated below. These 9 features will help improve customer service and increase customer retention

  1. Hosted Interactive Voice Response 

Hosted IVR 

Hosted IVR call center software enables small enterprises to easily manage huge numbers of calls. It is a must for call centers with several departments. Hosted IVR allows you to personalize greetings, cues, and menus so that customers are quickly directed to the appropriate agent. It also helps to reduce consumer dissatisfaction by reducing the need for numerous transfers. The call center outsourcing solutions feature simplifies the lives of both agents and customers. 

Customers can obtain solutions to simple queries without speaking with a live person using a call center feature such as hosted IVR. A hosted IVR system can be programmed to answer questions such as business hours, billing inquiries, etc. Furthermore, with the proper arrangement, your clients will be sent to the appropriate department, avoiding the need for in-call transfers and minimizing contact duration.

If callers require live support, many layers of informative prompts can direct them to the appropriate department. 

  1. Personalized Call Queues 

Personalized call queues 

The component of the call center solutions can be programmed to play music or offer consumers information such as the projected wait time. Customers also can leave a voicemail or receive an automated call back from the queue. A well-designed call queue will help establish expectations and create a more satisfying experience for your customers. 

Furthermore, within these call queues, you can advertise services and offers and indicate other contact options. A customized call queue will provide the personalized touch that today’s clients need.

  1. Automatic Call Distributor

The jist of ACD

An Automatic Call Distribution call center system controls incoming calls efficiently by utilizing a predefined identity, directions, and call volume database. The inbound call center software offers the call center solution with features such as automated caller identification, often via the phone number from which the call is being made. Following caller confirmation, the call will be directed to the appropriate organization, held in a queue, and monitored.

The ACD also gathers and retains data for every call, making it a useful element of any business’s incoming call center software. 

By connecting consumers with the appropriate agents, the functionality aims to improve average handling time, call duration, and wait time. This improves agent productivity by preventing agents from lobbying over which calls to take. Call centers will significantly reduce queue times and boost customer experience by automating the process with a FreePBX from Aavaz. 

  1. Call-Back Reminders 

Call-back reminders 

Call-back reminders are critical for keeping customers happy and agents on track. Whether your agents handle a few calls daily or hundreds, it’s challenging to establish an efficient calendaring solution that holds each agent accountable for specific clients. Call-back reminders, an important telecalling software, provide your company with a streamlined calendaring system and enable inbound call center agents to follow up on a customer’s inquiry.

  1. Computer Telephony Integration Screenpop

CTI Screenpop

CTI allows VoIP and computer interactions to be smoothly synchronized or integrated. CTI Screenpop instantly updates agent screens with the existing customer’s details. Agents can deliver more tailored and useful customer service with fast access to information such as purchases and past cases. 

Customers do not have to repeat information since all data is transferred from agent to agent if moved. Critical customer details are supplied directly to the next agent via the CTI Screenpop system.

This customized customer experience has been shown to help retain consumers and generate net promoters for your business. Businesses can easily provide a great customer experience for both the employee and the customer by deploying call center software like this.

  1. Dynamic Scripting 

Dynamic scripting with VoIP call center solution

It is critical for your company and agent confidence to choose call center outsourcing solutions with sophisticated dynamic scripting features. Dynamic scripting software saves training time, allowing agents to begin taking real-world calls sooner. This accelerated training enhances retention by allowing new agents to see outcomes sooner.

Even seasoned agents’ relationships with consumers can be revitalized by a platform allowing drag-and-drop script. Furthermore, dynamic scripting will identify problem areas in your team’s interactions with customers and adjust accordingly. Without the most recent scripting features, your agents are significantly disadvantaged in every client engagement.

  1. Skill-Based Routing 

Skilled based routing

Skills-based routing, in combination with the ACD and hosted IVR call center software, guarantees that a call is directed to a specific agent according to the information given by the caller. For example, connecting a customer to someone who speaks a different language or has a specific area of specialty. This increases efficiency saves time, reduces phone transfers and dissatisfaction, and provides outstanding service. 

Call centers with high call volumes can profit greatly from this feature since it allows them to split customer inquiries depending on priority and competence. You don’t want your most knowledgeable agents answering calls that can be dealt with by lower-level personnel.

  1. Live Coaching/ Whisper 

Live coaching 

Live coaching, a key call center tool that ensures agents offer the best possible service, allows supervisors to listen in on conversations. Supervisors can also coach agents in real-time to improve customer experience. Using your inbound call center outsourcing solutions whisper feature, you can understand WHY your agents are having difficulty with specific questions. You could also employ this feature to barge in or coach agents during a difficult incoming experience.

Furthermore, supervisors can swiftly convey messages to agents using broadcast messaging, which is especially useful for operating a virtual call center.

  1. Historical & Real-Time Reporting 

Historical and real-time reporting 

Call center executives should be able to gather and analyze data to correctly evaluate agents and department productivity and to monitor how call center activities are progressing. You can observe the most important statistics to your business with historical or real-time reporting.


Integrate the important call center telephony system features discussed here to improve your company’s inbound call efficiency and customer service. 

Contact Aavaz to implement the features above. Aavaz is the leading call center outsourcing solution provider and offers call center solutions to businesses of all sizes. With Aavaz FreePBX, you don’t need physical infrastructure. With the Aavaz VoIP call center solution, you will reduce infrastructure expenses while improving customer service.

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