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How To Determine The Priority Of Your Internet Speed

Working from home is an advantage for employees since they are able to work from home and enjoy time with their family. However, staying in the home and working from home requires a solid internet connection. Even though you’ve got an internet connection that is strong, you may not be able to get that speed as others at home might have the same connection to stream high-quality movies or enjoy the highest FPS Games.

If you’re facing such an issue at home, it is possible to prioritize the speed of the internet for your device. This task is very easy to perform by yourself for that you have to follow a few steps. We are here to assist you by providing the steps you must follow.

Steps To Prioritize Internet Speed On Wifi Router?

Let’s suppose that you are using AT&T’s wireless routers at home to connect to the internet. We’ll go over the settings of AT&T wireless router to show you how to adjust quality of service (internet priority). There’s no need to be concerned since each router has those settings. The only thing you have to do is figure out your QOS settings and that’s it.

  1. Open a browser for the web on your smartphone or computer connected to your router.
  2. Navigate to your router’s dashboard for admin by visiting  on your computer or mobile. You can also enter the same IP number ( into the URL bar of the browser to get access to the administrator panel.
  3. If you’re unable to access the administrator panel of your router using the previously given ip address then try and any address that is the default gateway of your router. However users who are using the ATW wifi box can access the attwifimanager page via their web browser.
  4. Then, enter your details of your login, like login username, password and verify the login.
  5. Look for the QOS settings in the network settings and wireless options.
  6. In the next step, you’ll encounter QOS settings, such as QOS for devices, QOS via service, QOS via the LAN Port, etc.
  7. If you wish to prioritize the speed of your internet on your device. You can choose the device you want to use and apply the QOS Rule. QOS Rule.
  8. Select the desired speed in MB and mark it using the options that are available like Highest, High Medium and Medium, Low.

This is how you determine the priority of your speed. However, you must repeat this process for the devices that are connected for the first time since they’re not configured yet. We hope you got the answer to your question regarding the internet speed issue. These ideas are by MD Ahmed author at iBomma and tech blogger.

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