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A complete checklist when renting a car

Exploring Dubai from the comfort of a car is the ultimate desire of all tourists. And thanks to Dubai car rental with driver agencies which provide all types of cars at your doorstep. Through these platforms, one can rent any type of car from medium to super luxurious cars.

Dubai rental car offers a huge collection of cars in all models, sizes, and price ranges. Moreover, the renting procedure is quite simple. Therefore, one can easily rent a car at any location in or around the city of iconic buildings with free delivery. Reliable car rental agencies  can also offer insurance policies for rental cars.

Often people rush to leave the track after finalizing the deal to rent a car or any other vehicle. It’s just like taking the responsibility to pay for others’ mistakes. And can also cause more trouble during traveling. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before you drive off.

The use of vehicle inspection apps and checklists is an ideal approach to analyzing each aspect of the vehicle. It helps users to figure out the working condition of the car and the damages or errors present within various parts of the vehicle.

You can follow the below vehicle-checking checklist to ensure the credibility of renting a vehicle.

Starting Method and Engine Condition

Awareness of starting switches, methods, and time is crucial for road safety. Therefore, after selecting a car to rent, the very first step to checking the vehicle is to start it and check its starting method. Observe the time it takes to start.

Starting a car also provides the report of engine condition. Notice deeply any smell, noise, or trouble in starting the car. It will help you to avoid unwanted troubles during traveling and also from paying extra charges for already existing faults.

Head and Backlights

Head and backlights also play a crucial role in comfortable or safe traveling especially, at night hours. And defective lights can cost you serious troubles on the road.

Checking lights is another important point in a vehicle checking checklist. Make sure all lights are in working condition and provide enough light to break the darkness of the night. Dimness or sharpness is also important to consider while checking the lights.

Driving Seat and Mirrors Adjustment

Driving seat adjustment is another thing to consider when inspecting the vehicle. Is it manual or automated? Does it need readjustment? Is it in the right posture and position? Answers to all these questions are crucial to know to ensure safe and comfortable driving.

Don’t forget to check windows, glass, and all other mirrors. Make sure no mirror is missing or broken. All mirrors should be clear enough to observe the views clearly and provide assistance during riding.

Check Safety Features

All types of cars must be equipped with crucial safety features to avoid and minimize the impact of fatal road accidents. You can check for

  • Airbags are present and working
  • The braking system is in the right order
  • Driving assistance is working rightly
  • Wind blades are present and working effectively
  • Front and back view cameras are working
  • A rare view camera is present and working

Examine The Exterior

Not only the interior but the exterior is also counted in the inspection of a vehicle. It will help you to avoid paying for others’ mistakes. Therefore, make sure to observe and print out any scratches or damages present on the car’s body.

Make sure to check doors and windows are working and finely adjustable. 

Tires Condition

Tires are crucial elements that describe the efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, make sure to check the vehicle tires thoroughly. Car tires must be of perfect size that can hold their weight and help to run it smoothly.

Tires pressure, depth, and thread impression also are crucial points to check to estimate the working ability of tires. Make sure to select a car with high-quality tires that can tackle all types of roads and weather 

Final Thought

Renting a car in the tourist hub, Dubai, is a simple and easy-to-understand process. However, it also involves some crucial points such as inspection of the vehicle, which are important to consider to ensure the credibility of the vehicle. Other than that, remember that traffic laws in Dubai are very strict. So, if you do not have a driver’s license, do no rent a car without a driver.

Choose a credible rental car agency such as One Click Drive and follow the above-mentioned vehicle-checking checklist to rent a perfect car within the perfect price range. 

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