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How to Care for Your Rented Exotic Car While Driving to Huntington, NY?

Recently, as per media reports, Ben Affleck’s son smashed a yellow Lambo SUV into a BMW when the Hollywood actor was at a luxury car rental deal in LA. Of course, the rentals would have asked the actor to pay for the damages. 

It’s not a car; it’s a gem 

Rentals dealing with luxury cars are particular about their fleet, whether they are in LA or NYC or the neighborhood Huntington. It does not matter whether you are in a metropolitan city or a quaint little town, luxury cars come with a price. They demand extra attention. Even the slightest damage can mar the beauty of a luxury vehicle. 

That’s probably the reason most car rentals refuse to rent cars to people below 21 at normal rates. If they wish to rent, they must pay an ‘inexperienced driver’s rate.’

Car cleanliness

You must also pay an ‘odor evidence fee,’ if the rentals find any evidence of odor in the car after you drop it at the renting site. Pet odors, smoke odors, crumbs of paper, and other such litter will fetch you an additional fee. 

It’s best to keep the car clean and damage-free as much as possible. This holds especially true for people who love to eat in the car. Eat, drink, and have fun – but make sure you don’t litter. 

Please do not smoke weed or cigars inside the vehicle. Even if you don’t litter, the smell of smoke stays. This is enough to attract a fee. 

Also, it does not matter if you go on an elaborate trip to one of NY’s neighborhoods or simply dine at Manhattan’s restaurant. When you rent a BMW or any luxury car, you ought to keep it as one of your prized possessions. 

Drive around New York’s metropolitan area like Huntington with pride. Or maybe drive towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Do whatever you want, but make sure you keep the car in top condition, just the way you took it from the rental site. 

Driving to Huntington

Please remember, if you are driving to Huntington, you won’t find self-service gas stations here. 

Huntington is just 40 miles from Manhattan. You can rent a car in Manhattan, NY exotic car rental and zoom off in style. 

Don’t miss a visit to spots like:

  • Huntington Harbor Light, which is a historical landmark of this place
  • The Heckscher Museum of Art
  • Caumsett State Historic Park Preserve
  • Cold Spring Harbor State Park
  • Preservation of Long Island (museum)

Test drive

It is wise to test drive the car so that you get comfortable with it, especially if you have never driven a sports car. Even if you have, it’s good to check the car before you go on your driving spree. 

So, wait no more. 

Test your driving skills. Contact your nearest exotic car rentals and rent an SUV or a sports car. You will cherish the moments with your beloved car. They turn into gems of time. Techfilly

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