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Customer satisfaction survey

We all know the importance of satisfying customers, but few businesses actually check whether they’re doing just that. There’s no way to know for certain unless they ask.

Purpose of a customer survey

Customer satisfaction surveys and customer engagement surveys can help your organization increase profitability and growth by measuring customer perceptions of your products and services as well as their level of trust and commitment to your business. You can tailor your customer survey to ask questions that drill down areas of concern for example:

  • How your business compares with your competitors
  • Whether they intend on continuing to buy from you
  • What your strengths and weaknesses are and what can be improved

DIY customer survey

There are many online customer surveying tools available to help you launch your customer success survey. The low-budget option can work if you know what you’re doing but beware – it’s easy to ask the wrong questions. You’ll also need to figure out what you’ll do with the data collected and how you will report on the findings including next steps.

Get a customer survey expert

Customer survey organizations like Insync Surveys live and breathe surveys. You may be able to run your customer survey in-house, but what will you do with the data once you have it? Do you know how to analyze it correctly so that you can be sure of your interpretation and make key business decisions based on your findings?

A customer survey project managed by professionals can provide you with confidence in your research and results so that you can fully understand your customers’ needs and focus on making these key decisions.

Some ways that we can assist you with your customer survey:

  • Investigating key areas of interest with the right questions to get the answers you need
  • Help interpret your customer survey results with full reporting and debrief sessions
  • Assist with action planning and workshops for implementing changes

Originally published on Insync.

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