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How to Build a Mobile App for your Business Needs?

Mobile application development has been in demand for a long time. Primarily, there was no such concept of smartphones. And users were making use of desktop PCs in order to play games or perform any other everyday routine activity. But as time passes and technology evolves, smartphones have become the new normal.

Needless to say, the introduction of mobile applications has completely transformed our lives. From ordering food to reading a book or booking a cab for everyday commutes, we are entirely dependent upon mobile applications. Thus, mobile apps are, without a doubt, a great business to invest in.

Before creating a mobile app for your business, the first thing you need to understand is the mobile app development process. Thereby, we have created this guide for you so that you can understand the creation of mobile apps.

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Mobile App Development Process – 6 Steps to Consider

Here is a quick rundown of the 6 steps that are involved in the development of mobile applications.

Planning & Strategy

Before you start developing a mobile app, first and foremost, brainstorm your ideas and plan the strategies you will follow. The following questions will help you refine your planning strategies.

  • What are your app goals and objectives?
  • How will your app be different from your rivals?
  • Who will be your targeted audience?
  • How will your app solve users’ problems?
  • What features and functions will be included in your app?
  • Which platform will you target to launch your application?
  • Who will be the perfect fit for your app needs? In-House, Freelancers, or Outsource?

It’s really important to focus on your app’s primary features in the first place rather than thinking about adding other extravagant features.

Competitive Analysis

Once you’re done brainstorming your ideas, the next step is to perform comprehensive market research. Think about the following parameters;

  • Who are your strongest competitors?
  • What products/services your rivals are offering?
  • What are the monetization strategies businesses are adopting?
  • What unique features will your app encompass in order to stand out from the competition?
  • When will you launch the app, and how much cost you’re going to dedicate to the creation of your application?

If you perform extensive research primarily, eventually, you will be able to determine which features are worth adding to your application and what pitfalls you may face while creating an app for your business. Plus, you will get an idea of whether the concept you want to launch is worthwhile in the long run or not.

Create UI/UX Design

Deciding on the UI/UX is another critical part of developing an application. Think about how your app will actually look and feel. And how it will improve user experience. Start by designing some sketches or creating wireframes in order to determine how your app will work in real time.

Make sure to ponder over how your app would be able to deliver a seamless user experience and easy navigation. In this regard, consider the following aspects;

  • Design a roadmap or a storyboard that helps you to define the connections between different screens.
  • Contemplate the differences your app will provide to your customers compared to a traditional website. If you need assistance in creating web applications, you can consider any reliable software development company in Dubai in this regard.  
  • Look out for ways that assist you in making the user experience unified and unforgettable.

Application Development

Now it’s high time to actually build an app for yourself. This step encompasses all the aspects that are going to utilize in the creation of your application. For instance, front-end and back-end design, APIs integration, included features and functions, and so on.

Also, decide on the preceding parameters;

  • Select the right development team.
  • Decide whether you will opt for on-shore or off-shore services.
  • Prepare an outline describing the milestones and objectives.
  • Schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your chosen project manager in order to determine your project accomplishments.


Once your app has been developed, now it’s time to perform rigorous testing. In general, testing helps to discover any serious flaws or bugs in the application before it has been launched in the market.

Follow these ways in order to perform successful testing.

  • Test your app on different gadgets (smartphones, PCs, laptops, etc.).
  • Run multiple tests with actual users and collect feedback and make amendments accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to test your app on distinct platforms (Android, iOS, and Web).


If your app founds no errors during testing, now it’s all set to introduce on app stores. Think about the monetization strategies you will utilize in order to roll out your application timely and rightfully.

Final Thoughts

In the above write-up, we have covered all the essential information regarding the mobile app development process. We hope with our article you have understood how an app comes into existence in the app stores.

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