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Future of Transportation in 2050

Somehow it is safe to say that, without transportation, we would have never seen the world. Different discoveries such as fire, the wheel, motor, electricity, and other inventions have brought us here. However, these inventions wouldn’t have spread to the world without transportation, and most of them would have disappeared into anonymity. Nonetheless, transportation made us the dominant species in the world. It made us easy for us to move from one place to another, colonize the world’s areas, and encounter new cultures – occasionally with dire consequences.

We started by walking and then we rode horses. Then the wheel came into the picture; we crossed vast oceans by ships, flew over them, and went into space. Transportation has developed over the past few decades. The new modes of electric transportation are electric scooters, cars, and hoverboards. Who can think about how we will travel in the next few years? These examples might show what is yet to come. In this brief article, we have shed light on the future of transportation. 

Maglev trains

These trains use magnetic levitation by powerful artificial magnets to travel with less noise and pulsation than traditional trains. Also, they are less likely to delay because of weather and mechanical issue. 

Fossil fuels do not power maglev trains, so they are suitable for the atmosphere. 

Currently, six maglev lines are operating for public use. The first U.S. maglev train connected Washington D.C. and Baltimore and expanded its route to New York.


Elon Musk introduced this transportation form called the hyperloop, a transportation tube that runs groups of passengers or cargo through a pressurized path. The hyperloop runs at a high speed of 600 mph or more.

Multiple companies are working to bring this vision to reality, and we could see passenger service hyperloops in the near future. 

Most notably, the hyperloop has immunity to weather, twice the plane’s speed, low power consumption, and energy storage for 24-hour operations. Also, it is collision-free. 

Next pods

Next pods is a small box-looking vehicle invented in Dubai. It’s safe for the environment and can transport 10-15 people.

It includes air conditioning and front & back sliding doors with aluminum & stainless steel frames. Also, the side Windows have Tempered Glass for security. There is an internal RGBD Camera in each unit.

Next pod is a highly advanced smart transportation system with swarms of modular electric vehicles. Each module can join and detach from other modules on standard city roads. When joined, they create an open, bus-like area among modules, allowing passengers to stand and walk from one module to another.

When joined, modules create an open and a bus-like structure, allowing passengers to walk freely inside the conjoined modules. 

Interestingly, pods include swapping charging technology. This technique consists of swapping a discharged electric car battery with one already charged. The autonomous Ample station can detect the exact location of each battery module to be swapped. Once the discharged battery modules get removed from the car, they are placed on racks for charging, and thus they become ready for the next vehicle.

If needed, the batteries can be charged on board. When this is on a public road, it enables human driving with a removable steering wheel. Multiple pods can be joined to accommodate more passengers.


Have you heard of a hoverboard? Hoverboards are a part of our everyday lives. Be it in a funny video on social media or someone using it for comfort (like walking their dogs). Technology is here to make life more fast-paced. The Hoverboards are evolving with technology and are the most versatile future transportation.

As technology evolves, we are experiencing a transformation where children are more interested in learning how to ride wheels and are stuck to their devices. 

The Gyroor, Hover-1 and Tomoloo are some of the best hoverboards to buy that are replacing old-style bikes and skateboards. Instead, it is a self-balancing board that can take you to your neighbor’s. A hoverboard is everywhere, like movies, music, and entertainment videos. This compact, eco-friendly vehicle is a marvel in personal transportation. It is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly electric vehicle. 

Flying Cars

There are hoverbikes around; flying cars are the future of transportation. Even though the project is still under process and has some way to go before it becomes available to the general public, Uber and NASA are working together to create flying cars a reality.

The primary target is to eliminate drivers and make travel cost-effective. These cars will work on water, air, and land.

Self-Balancing Wheelchair

The best sign of a developed society is how well it treats its weakest members. The progress reflects blended infrastructure such as ramps, unique platforms, toilets, etc. The tech world has a big scope for making a disabled man’s life convenient. Another way to address this issue for the disabled is to redesign wheelchairs to get around without needing any costly infrastructure. Four university students have achieved this feat by independently funding, designing, and creating the Scewo wheelchair.

This wheelchair has two large wheels to move on a flat landscape, and two sturdy rubber channels allow it to mount and descend stairs quickly. It has a broad base; it can go up and down spiral staircases. Its design is compact enough to operate easily indoors and fit via standard doors. It can rotate at one spot, drive on slick terrains such as snow, and raise itself to bring the user at eye-level and reach overhead objects.

Space Train: Solar Express

Have you ever thought about traveling to space via train or ship? Hopefully, humans will start forming a residence shortly. If this happens, we will need to create a tool of transportation that is swift and dependable enough to get us from here to there in a pinch of the time. When Man travels to Red Planet for a prolonged period, astronauts and colonists will be exposed to microgravity, negatively affecting the human body. One of the ideas to travel to space is “The solar Express.”

The most expensive and time-consuming parts are the acceleration and downshift phases. It is to be said that this train never stops. First, it will accelerate and then use the planets’ gravity to swing back and forth between Earth and Mars. 

Uncrewed missions and this train is yet to await in the future. However, we can say that our dreams are significant, and many innovative minds are working on different future travels. It is the future of transportation.

Windowless Planes

At first, windowless planes do not sound like an excellent idea. But after seeing its innovative and unique design, some may alter their minds. Technicon Design, an International transport design agency, has proposed building this plane using existing Technology. So, instead of regular windows, there will be no windows. Instead, they will use high-resolution screens on the sides and top of the plane. In addition, cameras placed on the exterior will let you enjoy the scenic view of the jet’s surroundings. 

These screens will work on solar panels placed on the plane’s roof. This new technology will make the aircraft sturdy and less bulky. Removal of windows altogether will result in the plane’s weight dropping significantly; it makes it fuel-efficient. There will be more flexibility in the internal design with a simple fuel. The future of air transport is the most expensive and luxurious.

Moreover, we are already in the most technological era till now. However, we expect more from technology. The more is there, the better it will be. These advancements show that the future is near. There are already such ideas that are only waiting to become a reality. The utmost technical era is yet to come. As we talk about it, you never know one of these developments might be a built-in reality. Some of the vehicles are common to us. However, there are endless possibilities for enhancement and improvement. Our world is yet to become completely digital. We are going to the advanced level with each passing day.

Every invention is incomplete because there is always a possibility of upgrade. Just wait and watch to witness a complete makeover of the earth. Innovation takes place every second, minute, hour, and day. That day is pretty near when we only need a few minutes to go from one place to another. 

The world is becoming a smaller place. But, do you realize that there are some adverse effects too? Technology has also made us inactive and lazy. However, Technology has made our life easier in day-to-day life. For example, thanks to the mobile phone, you can enjoy any video in a fraction of the second in your hand.

Future means which is yet to come. So, let’s wait and watch while our transportation takes another leap and changes it for a lifetime. Furthermore, the future of transportation has many possibilities, and we will make the most of it. Are you ready to travel in a fraction of a second? Wait and watch!

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